Details You Didn't Know About Talking Evil's Alexis Linkletter

If you're a true crime buff then there are definitely some names in the genre you are familiar with. The discovery+ network will debut a new after-show series premiering on February 14 (Valentine's Day). Podcaster and true crime show producer Alexis Linkletter will be hosting.

The premiere of Talking Evil will feature Linkletter talking to guests seen on the network's Evil Lives Here series. It will be a post-show, further highlighting and investigating details of crimes shown in the most recent episode. Evil Lives Here is a show that gives a voice to the relatives of people who committed sinister and evil acts.

Linkletter's extensive background helped earn her a place on this forthcoming show. Linkletter knows a thing or two when talking about evil, as she makes her living discussing it. As one of the co-hosts of the new podcast, Unraveled: Long Island Serial Killer, she and co-host Billy Jensen inform listeners about the corrupt Suffolk County police department, who were responsible for solving the Gilgo beach murders. Every week the pair talk about past and current information in the infamous and unsolved decade-old case.

Alexis Linkletter is known for producing shows about true crime

Linkletter's resume shows that she has been producing television series since 2015, per IMDb. She's worked on several shows with different networks, and to date, she has produced over 10 shows.

Her first show-producing credit was for Snapped: She Made Me Do it, an Oxygen spinoff of their network show Snapped. Just as the show Snapped focuses on women who kill, the spinoff series focused on the men who were led to kill by women in their lives. The most recent series she produced was Deadly Recall, an Investigation Discovery show that follows a former Nashville detective and the notable cases he solved. In between, Linkletter produced other Snapped spinoffs, and also worked on projects not related to true crime. She produced adventure show Unexplained and Unexplored, which is a series that discusses the world's greatest mysteries.

Outside of television producing, she hosts podcasts, which might be where most people are familiar with her. And she's done several. Most notable is her The First Degree podcast, which she and Jensen host with podcaster Jac Vanek. On it, they examine famous crimes and serial killers, and interview people who are just one degree from the crime.

When she's not actively talking about crime, she writes about it as a Vice contributor, including a recent piece about matricide — men who kill their mothers.