The Tragic Death Of Randy Savage's Ex-Wife

Many things in the WWE are fake since many are storylines designed to keep the viewers interested. Often these are dreamed up for high drama, but sometimes, the storylines are inspired by real life.

When Macho Man Randy Savage first appeared in the WWE, he also introduced the world to his manager Miss Elizabeth. She was the antithesis to Savage's intensity, explained Sportscasting; she was soft-spoken and gentle. At first, she was content to work behind the scenes, but Miss Elizabeth soon became front and center.

Miss Elizabeth is Elizabeth Hulette, and she was Savage's real wife at the time of his debut in the WWE. That's right, they were married way before the staged wedding in the squared circle in 1991.

The two met when Hulette worked as an announcer for International Championship Wrestling run by Savage's father, Angelo Poffo. They married in 1984. And when Savage moved to the WWE, he brought his wife along with him.

Fansided wrote that Hulette was at the center of many of Savage's onscreen and offscreen feuds. She orchestrated fights between Savage and Hulk Hogan on TV, though, in reality, Savage felt Hulette's friendship with Hogan and his wife Linda was damaging to their marriage. According to Sports Illustrated, Savage was also insanely jealous and would sometimes lock Hulette in dressing rooms.

On TV, the two were married at a ringside wedding during SummerSlam 1991. A year later, the two were officially divorced.

Elizabeth Hulette had difficult relationships

Despite the divorce, Hulette and Savage continued to work together. Hulette stayed away from TV appearances for four years before returning in 1996. In 1999, she became involved with Lex Luger, and after dramatic storylines in the WCW, the two retired from wrestling in 2000.

Luger and Hulette's real-life relationship was just as dramatic as their antics on TV. Luger was officially Hulette's partner — she had married another man in 1997, but it ended in divorce — and the two lived in Georgia following their retirement.

In 2003, Luger was arrested for domestic violence after police found Hulette with a cut lip, two bruised eyes, and a bump on the head. Luger was released on a $2,500 bond, per Distractify. A few days later, police arrested Luger again, this time for driving under the influence. He had rear-ended another car. Police found Luger with bloodshot eyes carrying a handgun, and Hulette was in the car.

Tragedy struck just a few weeks later.

Luger called 911 on May 1, 2003. WALB reported Luger found Hulette in their house unresponsive and not breathing. He told paramedics she had drank vodka and took a couple of painkillers for her back pain right before dinner. She was rushed to the hospital, where she was declared dead. Hulette's official cause of death was accidental acute toxicity from mixing alcohol and medication.

Hulette, the First Lady of Wrestling and Savage's ex-wife, died at 42.