Details You Should Know About Patrizia And Maurizio Gucci's Daughters

The story that defines the former power couple, Patrizia Reggiani and Maurizio Gucci, has it all: a relationship on a downward spiral, the hiring of an assassin by Reggiani, and Gucci's ultimate death at the hands of the contract killer. But further behind the chaos are two often-forgotten figures in the story: the pair's daughters, Alessandra and Allegra.

Gucci notoriously left Reggiani for a younger woman, which sparked a contentious divorce and left his wife to care for the two children. According to Tips For Womens, the relationship between the trio was strong in its earlier years when the daughters remained by their mother's side during her battle with cancer. But the cracks began to show as Reggiani and Gucici's relationship disintegrated and turned into a murder plot. The conspiracy led to the high-fashion personality's arrest and imprisonment when her daughters were 18 and 14, according to The Guardian.

The bitterness that Reggiani allegedly felt toward her husband for leaving her with the children appears to have rubbed off on her daughters. Or maybe they were aggrieved by being swept up in a murder-for-hire plot – The Cut reported that Alessandra and Allegra lived with their mother for two years in the wake of the murder. Regardless, after Reggiani was released from prison, Allegra and Alessandra initiated a failed legal battle to prevent her from obtaining the annuity that their father granted her in an agreement he signed about two years before he was murdered.

Alessandra and Allegra appear to have left behind the drama of their past

After cutting ties with their mother, Alessandra and Allegra had a rocky start on the road to a new life. As reported by WWD, the pair faced accusations of tax evasion in 2014 before being acquitted. But financial issues aside, the sisters appear to have largely left behind their connections to the web of deceit and murder spun by their mother. In 2016, The Cut reported that the daughters were wealthy, married, and the inheritors of the Gucci family's three residences and yacht.

Allegra spoke to Classic Boat about her passion for the water and the unique way she keeps her father's memory alive: by racing his boats. "My father would be so happy to see the boats now and how his philosophy of them is continuing," she said.

Elsewhere, The Spinoff highlighted Alessandra's work in the fashion industry by spotlighting her exclusive bag collection, "The First."

Lady Gucci: The Story of Patrizia Reggiani is scheduled for March 20 on Discovery+.