Here's How Much Wrestler Afa Anoa'i Is Worth Today

Former retired pro wrestler Afa Anoa'i was one of the standout wrestling entertainers of the 1980s. He was one half of the popular wrestling tag team The Wild Samoans, with his brother Sika, according to their WWE bio page. They also worked with several wrestling organizations, including the World Wrestling Foundation (WWF — now WWE). Together the large, big-haired, horseshoe-mustachioed siblings stepped into the ring and wowed crowds with their unique style of wrestling.

Like nearly all wrestlers, The Wild Samoans was the duo's character, and they fully committed to their gimmick. In true wild fashion, they exhibited stereotypical brutish and primal acts by grunting, speaking very little, and even eating raw fish, says WWE.

The pair would win three wrestling tag team titles in the WWE before splitting up in the early '90s. Younger brother Sika would go on to manage wrestlers first, and Afa would follow as well. They notably trained other famed wrestlers Rikishi and Tonga Kid, per WWE. Afa also opened the Wild Samoan Pro Wrestling Training Center in Florida at the height of his career. The center would move several locations before eventually settling again in Minneola, Florida, when he decided to retire, per the center's site.

Afa Anoa'i wrestled as a tag team with his brother, Sika

Today, he still manages wrestlers and operates his center. There he trains children and adults interested in a career in wrestling. 

Afa was born as Arthur "Afa" Anoa'i on November 21, 1942 in Samoa. His family moved from Samoa to San Francisco, California when he was 16 years old. He served in the Marines before entering the world of wrestling in 1971, says WWE. After more than 40 years in the industry, he has made most of his wealth in the wrestling business. Although it is not verifiable what his net worth is as of this year, based on the six-figure salaries wrestlers earned in the '80s and '90s, today his net worth is estimated to be anywhere from $1 million to $5 million, reports BuzzLearn.

Anoa'i comes from a family of popular wrestlers. Aside from his brother Sika, their uncle was Peter Maivia, himself one of most famous Samoan-American wrestlers. A good number of their kids are also wrestlers, including WWE megastar Roman Reigns, Rosey, Samu, and Afa Anoa'i Jr. to name a few. The Rock is also their "nephew," since their father, Amituanai Anoa'i, was blood brothers with The Rock's grandfather, Maivia, per WWE.