The Truth About Tory Belleci's Explosive Childhood

If anyone were born to be a cast member on the hit Discovery Channel show Mythbusters, it was Tory Belleci. The job description for the gig most likely just read, "Blow stuff up," something which he began to do from a very early age. As The Good 5 Cent Cigar reported in 2008, Belleci told a crowd of screaming (some proposing) fans that his father fanned the flames of the little pyromaniac in him when he was just a kid. It was his father who showed him how to make the perfect Molotov cocktail.

But his dad didn't know that he was creating a monster. (You show a kid how to make a bottle bomb, and this is what you get. Who'd a-thunk it?) Belleci told the story of how he made a homemade flamethrower and kinda lit his family's house on fire. "As I put the gun down, and I don't know what I was thinking, but maybe if I spray more gas it'll douse the flames," said the inveterate tinkerer. "So I sprayed more and the flames got bigger and finally I went and got the hose and put the fire out. But I've been doing this kind of stuff since I was a kid and now, I get paid for it."

The Fourth of July and Halloween were days to be feared in the Belleci household

As you might imagine, a holiday like Halloween was the pinnacle of happiness for young Tory Belleci. According to The Monterey County Herald, his dad decorated the house with spooky props when Tory was 10 years old, and from that moment on, he was hooked. After that, Tory took over the haunting of the Belleci house, and his dad realized that yes, he had created a monster. He said that when the decorations got to be a bit too realistic, he told his son that he had to "cool it." Tory's mother also couldn't handle her son's knack for props and pyrotechnics. "He used to scare me to death," she said. "Halloween and Fourth of July were my two worst nightmares. He just used to scare me."

It wasn't just his mom that Tory was scaring. At 19 years old, he got into some trouble with the law when he set off a homemade pipe bomb near his parents' house. The officer who came to the scene of the blast helped show Tory how to channel his love for special effects in a way that didn't get the cops called on him. Tory said the officer was "very instrumental" in his life, and that he still sees him every now and then. "I say, 'You could have made a decision to arrest me, and now look. I'm getting paid to blow stuff up,'" Tory said.