What Is Former WWE Diva Devin Taylor Doing Today?

Former WWE diva Devin Taylor may not have found superstar success in the world's biggest wrestling promotion, but she hasn't let that hold her back. During her time in the promotion's developmental brand NXT, she worked primarily as a backstage interviewer, but she got some ring time in, as well. "Make no mistake, though," reads her bio on the WWE Divas Fandom wiki. "Taylor is just as effective with throwing a right hand as she is with wielding a microphone." Despite her skills, she spent just two years in the WWE, and was released from her contract in 2015, but not before attempting to take her beauty and brawn elsewhere in entertainment.

As Bustle reported in 2014, she appeared on the hit reality TV show The Bachelor, under her real name Brittany Fetkin, listing her job title as "WWE Diva-in-training." The writer of that piece questioned whether or not that was really a job, so we invite her to step in the ring with Devin to find out. Less than a month later, however, Wrestling Inc. would unfortunately report that she had been eliminated on the first episode. So what has former WWE diva Devin Taylor been up to since? Let's take a look and find out.

Former WWE diva Devin Taylor has brains as well as beauty and brawn

Luckily for former model, reality TV contestant, and WWE personality Devin Taylor, Brittany Fetkin has a good head on her shoulders to fall back on. It appears as though the brunette beauty wasn't meant for the world of vapid celebrities, so she went back to school. In July 2018, Fetkin tweeted that she had recently received her master's degree from the University of Miami. According to her LinkedIn profile, she got an MBA in Business Administration, then moved on to the University of Southern California to get her PhD in Organizational Change and Leadership.

Brittany went on to create an app called OAKDate, a dating app for people with developmental disabilities. Having worked for years with adults with developmental disabilities and creating opportunities for their increased independence and social inclusion, she aims to be a "catalyst for change" in the corporate world. Brittany also co-founded and heads a CBD oil skincare products company called Class + Canno. So Devin Taylor's WWE career may be through, but Brittany Fetkin surely isn't.