Brock Lesnar's Net Worth May Surprise You

Wrestling fans may have their favorites, but they know one thing for sure: you don't mess with Brock Lesnar. The guy is basically an animal that does nothing but win, no matter what sport he competes in. According to his official WWE bio, Lesnar has become a dominant force in just about every combat sport in existence. He won an NCAA wrestling championship at the University of Minnesota. Then it took him less than six months to win a WWE championship. When he did a stint in the UFC, he had that heavyweight title by the time his fourth fight was through. And for those of us wrestling nuts who know what we're talking about when we say 21-1: Lesnar was The One. "Plain and simple, the man was built to destroy," reads his bio.

Because of his precipitous rise through the ranks of every fighting league he enters, he has been able to rack up a sweet little nest egg. Still, he's one of those pro wrestlers who are worth a lot more than you think. Only a select few make the kind of cash he's swimming in, and they usually take a bit longer to get there. Let's take a look at Brock Lesnar's net worth and see just how surprising it really is.

Brock Lesnar is worth more than the superstars he has toppled

Brock Lesnar made his WWE debut in March 2002 and rose to the top like a rabid animal. He quickly put The Rock in his place, taking the WWE title like it was his own personal plaything. After doing a stint fighting MMA in the UFC, he returned to the WWE in 2012, and two years later, he made wrestling history. For those of you who didn't get the 21-1 reference, Lesnar put an end to The Undertaker's phenomenal 21-0 WrestleMania record (simply known as "The Streak") at WrestleMania 30 in 2014. He has also taken down other WWE legends, such as John Cena and Randy Orton. So you can bet he's been well compensated for his accomplishments.

In 2018, Forbes reported that he was the second-highest paid pro wrestler, pulling in $6.5 million that year, second only to Cena. According to Celebrity Net Worth, Lesnar was worth a whopping $25 million in 2020. Not too shabby after less than two decades of butt-kicking. To put that ridiculous amount into perspective, The Undertaker is worth around $17 million, and he had already been putting wrestlers in their graves for 12 years by the time Lesnar roared onto the scene. And the really crazy thing is: Lesnar isn't done yet.