The Truth About The Ghost That Queen Victoria Saw

Though Queen Victoria is known for not being easily "amused," she was likely terrified after allegedly seeing a "green mist" floating across one of the rooms at Crathes Castle in Scotland. The British ruler claimed that the spirit appeared to sweep up a child-like ghostly figure and disappear into the fireplace, per The Scotsman.

She is not the only person to have allegedly seen the Green Lady, and the apparition has become part of local yore. The Green Lady's identity remains a mystery, but legend claims that she is a servant girl who became pregnant out of wedlock and disappeared.

While historians and ghost hunters can scrabble about the apparition's identity, what appears to be a common theme is that she wears a green dress and often cradles her infant child by the fire. When the castle was renovated in the 1800s, reports Visit Scotland, workers reportedly found the remains of a woman and her young child in the hearthstone of the fireplace.

The Green Lady may have been captured in a photo

Though there are many paranormal skeptics in the world, one family claims that it might have captured the Green Lady's image on camera. According to History Scotland, the Andrews family visited Crathes Castle while taking a trip to Scotland. Three members of the family posed outside for a photo on the grounds. When they later examined the picture, they noticed a shadow standing in the doorway located in the center-right of the frame. The door was closed, making it pretty much impossible for the shadow to be caused by a person.

It's up for debate whether the image is just a trick of the light or the figure of a spirit, but James Henderson, the property manager, admitted that guides had noticed more unusual occurrences around the time of the photo.

"There have been a number of mysterious sightings in and around the castle of late, in particular around Halloween, and the castle guides have reported that things have felt strange. They have reported a chill down the back in an otherwise warm room, odd noises in an otherwise empty building," he confessed.