This Was Errol Flynn's Net Worth

Errol Flynn was an Australian American actor who dazzled audiences in the 1930s through the 1940s with a number of swashbuckling roles that made him one of the most famous men in Tinseltown.

Flynn's big break was as the title character in the pirate adventure film Captain Blood. His star rose exponentially after the film was a major hit, and Flynn quickly starred in similar swashbucklers like The Charge of the Light Brigade and The Prince and the Pauper. Flynn's biggest role came in 1938 with The Adventures of Robin Hood. By 1941, Variety proclaimed that Flynn had become the fourth biggest star in terms of box office draw in both the American and international markets.

Unfortunately, Flynn's iconic status and life among the elite of Hollywood would eventually crumble. By the time of his death, he had lost most of the fortune he had amassed — at least by Hollywood standards.

Several career missteps ended up costing Flynn his fortune

Per Vanity Fair, Errol Flynn's career began to falter in the 1950s, especially following unsavory allegations of statutory rape, and the former leading man was soon attracting smaller fees on his acting projects. However, what ended up being Flynn's "undoing" was his involvement with the ill-fated film The Story of William Tell. Flynn personally paid for half of the film's total budget, which was an estimated $860,000. When adjusted for inflation, the total comes to nearly $8.5 million. The movie never ended up being completed after the cost of production ballooned so much that creditors started seizing everything from the equipment on set to Flynn's car and home furniture.

According to the BBC, Flynn's losses, coupled with his extravagant lifestyle, meant that he started racking up debt. In an effort to retrench, he had planned to sell his yacht, the Zaca, to Canadian businessman George Caldough. While in Vancouver, British Columbia, for the meeting in 1959, Flynn sadly suffered a heart attack and died at just 50 years old.

After adjusting for inflation, Flynn had an estimated $10 million net worth when he died, according to Celebrity Net Worth.