Dumb Things In Fear The Walking Dead No One Brings Up

Now that the first season of Fear the Walking Dead is over, it's time to look back. The show set ratings records and already has a guaranteed second season. The prequel to The Walking Dead is a hit, but was also far from perfect. There were a lot of moments throughout the season that just didn't make any sense. With all of the talk about the show's success, it seems like people have been ignoring these flaws. Here are a few dumb things from Fear the Walking Dead that no one is talking about.

The "Heroes" Kill A Lot Of Innocent People

Sometimes, heroes have to make some questionable choices, especially in the world of The Walking Dead. Still, unleashing a horde of zombies on a bunch of unsuspecting innocent people seems pretty evil. But that's exactly what the show's "heroes" do in order to rescue their friends from the army hospital. When Daniel finds out that the local stadium had been sealed shut to keep a swarm of infected people inside, he opens the doors and leads the zombies towards the army hospital. Unsurprisingly, the zombies don't just eat the soldiers, they also feast on the wounded and sick. Not to mention the fact that the hospital was in walking distance of the safe zone, full of tons of innocent people. The apparent heroes of the show didn't even attempt to come up with a plan that didn't murder every one of their neighbors.

It Skips The Apocalypse

The whole point of Fear the Walking Dead is to show the downfall of society, which was skipped over in The Walking Dead. We were supposed to find out what exactly happened while Rick was still in that coma. This show starts before the zombie apocalypse, and then when things start to get interesting, skips right over it. The third episode ends with zombies starting to get bad, and then the fourth episode picks up nine days later. By this point, the army has set up a safe zone and claims that nothing is alive outside the perimeter. That week and half that gets skipped is kind of the whole point of the series. It was supposed to show Los Angeles go from being a bustling city to an abandoned wasteland. Instead, we got to see Travis teach a couple of classes and then go immediately into zombie survival mode. This would be like if there was a Star Trek series that took place completely on Earth.

People Can't Decide On Whether Or Not They Believe In Zombies

The major struggle for every character on the show is learning to accept the fact that zombies are real. The problem isn't that people don't believe that the dead are coming back to life—it's that they keep changing their minds. Madison is ready to bash her neighbor's head in at one point, because she's clearly a zombie. Then the army shows up, and Madison can't believe that they're killing people. Deciding to believe in zombies is a pretty huge revelation, and people shouldn't change their minds once they've accepted that. Travis and Madison literally see someone rise from the dead in the first episode and then act like they forgot about it. If they come across any doctors in the zombie wasteland, they should definitely get their heads checked.

Nick Deserves To Get Arrested

Madison justifies every horrible thing she does because she's trying to save her son. That's the same son who she had just caught stealing morphine from a bedridden man. Before being taken by the army, Nick is examined by a doctor, who is aware of his heroin addiction. She obviously notices that he was still using. Not only is Nick doing something morally reprehensible, it's also super dangerous. In a world where the dead come back to life and eat people, it's not a great idea to let junkies continue to get high. From a viewer standpoint, it's impossible to feel bad for him. It's really hard to make the guy that steals medicine from sick people look like a victim.

Daniel Salazar Is Actually Evil

People do crazy things when they're trying to save a loved one, but Daniel Salazar can't use that excuse. Before coming to America, he works for a fascist regime in El Salvador and actively tortures political prisoners. When his wife is dying, she hallucinates a conversation with him and alludes to some truly horrifying details from their past. He claims he can see that the army is really up to no good, but he only thinks that way because he is "no good." He tortures a man who is already willing to answer his questions. Not only that, but torture is the first thing he tries. Before the army even has a chance to deny him a visit to his wife, he already has someone tied up in his basement. That's a huge overreaction.

Travis Beats A Torture Victim

Travis has the most trouble accepting the new world, so when he finally snaps it's supposed to be a big moment for him. Unfortunately, the man he snaps on is a torture victim. While escaping the hospital, the group runs into Corporal Adams. Adams points a gun at Daniel, but then ends up shooting Ofelia. This causes Travis to mercilessly beat the man and leave him for dead. The problem is that Adams only does this because Daniel had brutally tortured him. Adams is also in love with Ofelia, which she uses to lure Adams into Daniel's basement. Adams is justifiably upset, so Travis choosing this moment to finally let loose seems pretty harsh. Especially since he then just leaves Adams for dead in a building overrun by zombies. Travis knows that the man had been tortured, but apparently that's not a good enough reason to be upset.

Cobalt Makes No Sense

Cobalt is the name of the army's retreat strategy. Not only would the army retreat, they were also supposedly going to mercy kill every civilian in the safe zone and hospital. But that doesn't make sense, because before it's overrun, the hospital is prepping the patients for transport. So, the army wasn't going to kill all of the patients at the hospital. If they were going to save at least some of the wounded, then it makes no sense to slaughter the perfectly healthy civilians. Also, from Travis' point of view, wouldn't it make more sense to warn everyone else in the safe zone rather than just unleash a swarm of zombies on them? The army had abandoned the safe zone perimeter, so everyone could have gotten to safety, if only Travis and company had given them a heads up. Worst of all, the only information that they have about Cobalt is from a man who's delirious from blood loss—you know, from all the torturing. Before unleashing a mob of cannibals on a neighborhood, make sure you've got the right information.