How Many Times Was Drew Peterson Actually Married?

Former Bolingbrook, Illinois, police officer Drew Peterson once had the job of enforcing the law, and now he sits on the other side of it as he serves a lengthy prison sentence. In 2012, he was convicted for the murder of his ex-wife, all while he was also under suspicion for the disappearance of his most recent wife at the time (ABC News). As yet, Peterson has not been charged in the 2007 vanishing of his wife Stacy Peterson, but it was her going missing that led authorities to revisit the "accidental" death of his wife before Stacy. Prior to Stacy, Peterson was married to Kathleen Savio. They got married in 1992, had two sons, and were divorced in 2003. That was the same year he married Stacy. But by 2004, Savio was dead. She was found unconscious in her bathtub, but no one suspected anything foul and ruled the death an accident.

But fast-forward to 2007 and suddenly Stacy isn't seen for days, weeks, months, and eventually years. It's now been 13 years since anyone last saw Stacy, and despite no body or remains yet to be found, she is presumed dead. Peterson's conviction for the death of a wife, and being under suspicion for possibly causing another to disappear, begs the question: how many wives did he actually have? And who were they?

Drew Peterson's multiple marriages and divorces

Kathleen Savio was Drew Peterson's third wife. When he married Stacy after his divorce from Savio, she became his fourth wife.

The first woman to be married to Peterson was Carol Brown. The pair had dated in high school and were married from 1974 to 1980. They had two sons together (Stephen and Eric). About two years after their split, Peterson would remarry. 

In 1982, he married Vicki Connolly, and the pair had a marriage that lasted a decade, per Biography. He had no children with Connolly, and he wouldn't have kids again until his third marriage. 

By 1992, he was divorced from Connolly and married to Savio, with whom he had two more sons (Kristopher and Thomas). That marriage didn't last, and in similar fashion Peterson remarried the same year he divorced. Stacy Peterson became his fourth (and so far final) wife, and they had two children (Lacy and Anthony) together. She would also become the stepmother to Peterson's youngest two sons after Savio's death. 

Unlike his previous nuptials, Peterson's marriage to Stacy didn't end in divorce, and rather ended with a disappearance that remains unsolved. It's not unheard of for people behind bars to get married, but it might be impossible for Peterson as he's still technically married to Stacy and very unlikely to get legally divorced.