How Many Victims Did Carl Panzram Actually Have?

Carl Panzram is one of the most prolific criminals to have walked the Earth. Throughout his life, he served time in prisons across the United States for crimes ranging from murder and theft to rape and arson. Along with his slew of crimes, Panzram is infamous for the reasoning behind his dark and twisted nature. According to Murderpedia, he raped men not out of lust but a desire to control and humiliate his victims.

By the end of his life, Panzram was behind bars, where he was unable to terrorize anyone outside the prison walls. As his life drew closer to execution — he was hanged on September 5, 1930 — Panzram admitted to murdering 21 people and sodomizing over 1,000 men. But per Criminal Minds Wiki, the number of Panzram's alleged victims could be even higher than 21, and other speculation suggests he might have killed more than 100 people.

While only five of Panzram's victims have been confirmed, the U.S. Department of Justice claims that he killed 22 people.

Carl Panzram believed he was doing his victims a favor

The violence Panzram inflicted on others was driven by a deep-seated hatred of humanity, per Murderpedia. "I don't believe in man, God nor Devil. I hate the whole damned human race, including myself," he said.

The hatred and nihilism that consumed Panzram drove him to believe that his murders were a positive act on the world. "I believe the only way to reform people is to kill them," he reportedly said.

According to Ozy, experts suggest that Panzram's childhood planted the seeds for the vicious serial killer's later atrocities. He was abandoned by his father at around age 8, and he would later be beaten and raped at the Red Wing reform school. The experience painted the world a dark color for Panzram, and a subsequent gang rape on a train would only solidify his belief is the worthlessness of the society around him.