Inside The Vanishing Of Daniel Lind Lagerlof

Daniel Lind Lagerlof was the creative mind behind the drama series "Skärgårdsdoktorn," which enjoyed a great deal of success in Sweden. Per IMDB, the esteemed director would later create a three-part mini-series called "Bibliotekstjuven" along with his wife, Malin Lagerlöf — a project that would ultimately be the last he completed.

Lagerlof was last seen at the Tjurpannan nature reserve, where he was scouting locations for the project he died working on, "The Fjallbacka Murders." The Swedish film series sought to depict Camilla Lackberg's best-selling crime franchise, "Fjällbackamorden," and while it was eventually finished under the vision of Rickard Petrelius, the mysterious disappearance of Lagerlof hangs over the project.

While traversing the Tjurpannan nature reserve, Lagerlof split up with the two crew members who accompanied him to Sweden's west coast cliffs, according to The Hollywood Reporter. Heavy rain and high winds bore down on the region, yet Lagerlof was adamant to explore the area in search of scenery that could provide the creative backdrop for his new series. Sadly, what was supposed to be a routine visit turned into what appears to be the bookend of the director's short life — it was the last time he was ever seen.

Lagerof remains missing and he is assumed dead

To this day, Lagerlof has not been found. After more than two days of searching with the help of dogs and helicopters, The Hollywood Reporter noted that Swedish police turned up empty handed. Nearly a decade has passed since Langelof vanished, which is far and away from the 2 to 3 days ABC News underlined as the crucial window for locating missing persons. "The information that law enforcement gets tends to be a little more accurate, and they are able to act on the information and hopefully get that person who is missing quicker," former FBI agent Dr. Bryanna Fox said of this window.

The prevailing theory about Lagerlof's disappearance is that he slipped during his expedition and was swallowed by the sea. It's also possible that he jumped, but there is nothing to suggest that the director was suicidal, which makes this theory appear unlikely. Given that no clues have surfaced over the last decade since he vanished, it seems increasingly unlikely that the mystery of Lagerlof's disappearance and possible death will ever be solved.