Why Jackie Chan Has A Permanent Hole In His Head

It's no secret that Jackie Chan has some of the most killer moves to ever fly off the silver screen. He's quite the badass offscreen, as well, like the time he had a standoff with a notorious gang in Hong Kong. However, he's also got a few quirks that he'll probably tell you about if you ever meet him. For example, as the L.A. Times reports, he might ask you (if you're a celebrity) to take a selfie with his pair of stuffed pandas he made at a London Build-a-Bear Workshop. He apparently takes them everywhere he goes. He's got photos Chan La and Chan Zy with stars like Sylvester Stallone, Jet Li, Bill Clinton, and others.

If you get queasy over bodily injuries, the next quirk he might want to show you could give you the willies. For, according to The Washington Post, Jackie Chan has a hole in his skull the size of a quarter. He might even ask you to put a finger in it, just to show it off. But just how did he end up with a hole in his head? Why, in true Jackie Chan fashion, of course.

A botched stunt put a hole in Jackie Chan's head

In 2017, Jackie Chan spoke with Yahoo! Entertainment and explained the accident that put the hole in his head, which he can be seen above using to absolutely freak Conan O'Brien out. It occurred on the set of the 1986 film "The Armor of God." In the scene, his character chugs a foaming beer before making a daring leap to a tree that bends down over a wall so that he can make his escape. He got one shot in, but the maneuver wasn't fast enough for his liking, so he said let's do it again. The thing was, in order to get the realism of the foamy beer, he was actually drinking real beer. He said he started to feel it after a few takes.

Then on one attempt, he heard a snap and felt himself falling. He tried to grab other branches on the tree as he fell, but could not get a hold of one. He fell to the ground, hitting his head on a rock. At first he thought he was okay, but the crew saw that he was bleeding from his head and rushed to get him treatment. He had to get a prosthetic to cover the hole he'd opened up. So no, you can't actually touch Jackie Chan's brain, but there is a quarter-sized indention there keeping everything where it should be.