Here's How Much King Kong Would Weigh According To Scientists

Attempting to determine just how much King Kong would weigh varies, based on who you ask and which version of Kong you're taking into consideration. According to Wired, it is assumed that he is indeed made up of all the things, both internally and externally, that a normal, regular-sized gorilla is made of. This means that the oversized gorilla would possess the same density and body structure, with the same height and limb width, that normal gorillas have. If the average height of a gorilla is around five feet and its weight is around 350 pounds, then based on Kong's height of over 150 feet, the mighty kaiju sits at around 93 million pounds and garners enough strength to bench press over 16 million pounds.

The other side of the fence, per TV Over Mind, has a far different number for Kong's weight, which it estimates he weighs as much as 15,750 chimpanzees. An infographic lists an alpha chimpanzee at four feet tall and at right about 200 pounds. Taking into consideration that Kong is in fact 100 feet tall, then he should weigh 3.125 million pounds, or 1,400 tons.

If that is the case, Kong would be equal to 10 blue whales, 240 elephants, or 2,232 grizzly bears. Additionally, it also states he would have been able to lift over 4.5 million pounds, his jaws would hold up to 1,900 tons of food, and he would need at least 400,000 bananas each day to stay fed and satisfied.

King Kong poops would be staggering in size

Considering King Kong would have to consume up to 1,900 tons of food, or 400,000 bananas every day, the million-plus pound kaiju gorilla would no doubt produce some sizable poops. According to Mental Floss, in 2017's "Kong: Skull Island", the kaiju was 104 feet tall and weighed around 158 tons. However, in 2020, he is estimated to be 337 feet tall and much heavier. Given these proportions, he is more than likely around 4,225 tons now.

"Gorillas produce very large volumes of feces," said Dr. Cat Hobaiter to Mental Floss. "They have a high-fiber diet and have to consume large quantities of often relatively low-nutrition plant matter to get the resources they need."

If a full-grown gorilla, at around five feet in height and over 350 pounds, produces several droppings each day, then it is estimated Kong would formulate 6.6 tons per poop and, if he goes five times a day, he is excreting the equivalent of a fully-equipped Apache helicopter in weight, each session.

Could King Kong support his own weight?

With all the numbers in mind, the next question is: with his massive size, can King Kong even support his own weight? Based on the rules of physics, as noted by Wired, despite being strong, King Kong's strength is not proportional to his weight like a normal-sized gorilla. It may be possible for him to stand, provided that his legs are much stronger than his upper body. But even then, he wouldn't be able to stay upright for long periods of time.

On the other hand, walking and stomping, as King Kong does in movies like "Godzilla vs. Kong," is highly unlikely. Per another Wired article, the pressure of King Kong's massive weight while walking will result in fractures on his lower extremities. With that said, he most likely wouldn't be able to move fluidly, let alone raise his legs and bring them down to stomp on structures. It would be difficult for King Kong to perform physical activities, and it would be best for his overall well-being if he keeps his movements to a minimum.