The Funniest (And Scariest) Evil Furby Stories

While Furbies can be fun little playthings, they can also be a bit erratic. Some people have even gone so far as to call them "evil" or "demonic." There's a whole subgenre on the internet dedicated to evil Furby stories. Are they true, or are they made up? We don't know — either way, they're hilarious and terrifying.

From the grave

What made the Furby so cool was also what made it scary. The Furby spoke "Furbish," but it also had the capacity to learn English words. The more you talked to it the more words it would learn. However, some previous Furby owners have complained that their Furby became too vocal and its vocabulary too extensive. In a way, a Furby is kind of like a child. If you expose it to good words and love, you will likely get that in return. But if you're a bad Furby parent, or you happen to be having a dark conversation in the vicinity of a Furby, things can get weird.

So where do you go when you want to dig up some strange firsthand accounts? Reddit, of course! One anonymous Redditor recalls a freaky story of their friend's Furby: "She liked it and all, played with it for a few weeks, then she went to the lake with her family. She accidentally drops it in the lake. They recover it, but the electrical bits are dead. She takes it home, throws it in the closet. Forgets about it. Life goes on. Fast forward about 2 months or so, I come over to hang out. Suddenly, I ask 'hey, what happened to your Furby?' She goes into the story, then ends it with 'but I don't really miss it.' Like clockwork, we hear 'Furby don't need you anymore' come from the closet."

This story points to probably the most horrifying thing about the Furby — it never dies.

Let the Furby sleep

One girl on Creepy Pasta tells of her older cousin's suicide. It's a terribly sad affair, but it then gets scary. When the (anonymous) girl takes her deceased cousin's Furby home with her, the toy starts to say some eerie things. The worst phrase came out when it woke up one morning just to say, "let me sleep," and promptly shut its eyes. However, after a moment or two, the Furby's eyes opened wide again, and the toy stayed absolutely still.

The girl went to her mother to tell her what happened and to ask what's wrong with the Furby. "I told my mom, because it started to creep me out," she writes. "And she gave me a strange look. 'What's wrong, mama?'

'Those were Jennifer's last words.'"


Mom knows best

A woman named Christina penned an article for her mommy blog about the Furby. Straight to the point, it's simply entitled, "What Happens When Your Furby Becomes Evil." So it's not just the children who have experienced the trauma of an evil Furby 00 the adults know it well, too.

Christina writes in her blog, "The old Furby would have some change in personality based on how you treated it, but this one goes far beyond that with a multiple personality disorder. It has several very distinct personalities and doesn't come with the Furby anti-psychotic drugs it desperately needs." Those are some pretty hefty accusations! When a parent says a toy needs psych meds, something must be up.

So what exactly happened with this particular Furby that made this mom flip? At first, it was when the Furby began taking on different personas. It went from having a "valley girl" voice to speaking like a cowboy. OK, kinda weird, but not terrifying. But what happens next is. One day, the Furby just started shaking violently. Then it stopped. "All was silent for a moment," Christina writes. "And then what was in front of us was a Furby who no longer had the high-pitched girly voice, but instead a deep, growling voice with angry looking eyes." The sweet fuzzy toy became utterly mean. Since then, Christina started referring to it as "Damien the Dark Furby," who growled and snapped at her daughter. They didn't advertise that feature in the Toys 'R Us catalog.

Furby has the power

What contributes to all of these strange Furby tales is how a Furby never actually shuts off. The best you can hope for is to lull it to sleep, but you must be careful that nothing – absolutely NOTHING – bumps it, or it wakes up again. But surely, if you take out a toy's batteries, it's supposed to stop working, right? Not true for the Furby, which has all the power it needs, and it will not surrender.

Someone posed the question on Yahoo Answers once, if anyone had any stories concerning Furbies that had had their batteries removed. The "best answer" came in the form of a shrieking Furby. An anonymous answerer replied, "I had one once, when going on holiday in the caravan. It was buried in the back of the car. Suddenly we could hear a high pitched screaming noise coming from the back." That in itself is strange enough — imagine how startled you would be if you suddenly heard a piercing scream in the car! But that's not the scariest part. "I can still remember my mum rooting in the back for what was causing it. Now, correct me if I'm wrong but Furbies have a screw to keep in the batteries. So we are at the service station trying to unscrew the Furby's bottom with a key. When we take the batteries out it continues to scream. God almighty it screamed." There's your scariest part.

So be warned. Furbies do not stop if they don't want to stop. They have a mind of their own and, sometimes, they just lose it.

The possessed Furby

A person named Laura sent in her evil Furby story to In her story, she states that she sincerely believes the Furby she once had was demonically possessed. Like all Evil Furby stories, this one starts out with a seemingly nice and adorable toy pet. However, Laura's Furby quickly decided it didn't want anything to do with her. It would constantly say it didn't want to play, and it stopped doing things it used to do when it was playful.

Eventually, Laura decided that it was time to throw the unplayful plaything out. But when she went to go get it from the storage room, it had disappeared.She asked her family if they had moved it — all responded in the negative. To this day, Laura and her family still have no idea what happened to the Furby. "Furby was gone," she writes. "Still is gone. I couldn't find him and I gave up looking. Me and my family all agreed that he was possessed, and we're all glad he's gone. It still scares me that I don't know where he is, he could be lurking in my apartment somewhere. I don't know where he went — but I believe he crawled back to Hell where he belongs." Even Satan needs fun-time, apparently.

Shut down

This particular story is about two little kids who were messing with a Furby one day. It's like the classic trope of the Ouija Board — you play with it, thinking it's just a game, but you're really letting in evil spirits from the other side. That's what happened here. The two kids figured out they could change the Furby's personality, depending on what they said to it. At one point, though, they went a little too far and made it evil. When they'd had enough, they tried to change the Furby back to being nice again. "Well while we were trying to turn it back," anonymous writes, "it did its little evil laugh and turned off my whole surround sound TV system. We got so creeped out we ran upstairs and hid from it. When [my friend] had to leave I told her she could never bring that possessed thing back into my house again."

Sounds like a Ouija board would've been safer and more wholesome, actually.


Furbies are supposed to take naps when they are put in a dark, closed space. But one redditor remembers a time when they placed their Furby in the closet, and they weren't in a napping mood. "Let me set the scene," anonymous writes. "I am 6. My room is very small, with a built in wardrobe. I got bored of my Furby one day, put it on the shelf in the built in wardrobe so it is out of sight." OK, off to a good start, no problems yet.

And then: "I go to bed one night, tucked in all toasty, no lights on or anything," the person writes. "All of a sudden, I am woken up. I hear what sounds like crying. I bolt upright. The crying continues. Then, all of a sudden, I hear 'Peek-a-boo.'" Any guesses where it was coming from? All your guesses should rhyme with "derby."

Use the Force

So if Furbies never shut off, not even when the batteries are taken out, how do you get it to silence itself? If you've had enough, and your emotions are highly on edge because of this evil toy, you may just turn to extreme (but practical) means. Like, for example, beating the snot out of it with a hammer.

At least, that's what one redditor did. "My parents kept buying me them and I was terrified of them but I didn't want to hurt my parents' feelings. So I would put them in my bottom dresser drawer and leave them there. One night one of them started making it's creepy, terrifying squawking noise which triggered the other ones. I got my older brother and he smashed them with a bat." There you have it. A simple, effective, and permanent solution to the Furby problem. Let's just cross our fingers that they don't end up taking over the world before we can hammer them all to furbits.