What Happened To The Cast Of Rock Of Love?

At the height of its reality TV dating show era, the VH1 network produced some pretty classic dating game shows. Unlike "The Bachelor," which looks to find Mrs. Right for an eligible bachelor who wants to tie the knot, the network set out to cast some former entertainers as bachelors with super fans as potential interests. With the rise and popularity of "Flavor of Love," a dating show that featured the charismatic Flavor Flav — a member of the hip-hop group Public Enemy — the network also gave the opportunity to a notable name in rock music.

The chance went to Bret Michaels, the frontman of the '80s band Poison, best known for hit songs like "Every Rose Has Its Thorn" and "Talk Dirty To Me" (a song title that surely led to many ham-handed jokes over the show's run). The show was titled "Rock of Love with Bret Michaels," and it featured the rocker on a quest to find love. Starting in 2007, the series ran for three seasons, and in the end, Michaels didn't maintain a long-term relationship with any of the three women who were chosen. But the iconic show did produce some good trash TV, a spin-off hosted (per IMDb) by Sharon Osbourne that was known as "Rock of Love: Charm School," and several memorable cast members. Let's take a look at some of the more notable cast members and where they are today.

Bret Michaels

Obviously, most would like to know what happened to the man the show was about. Prior to the dating show, Michaels was known to many as a rock legend. Then he became a reality TV star. After the third and final season of "Rock of Love" aired in 2009, Michaels chose contestant and adult model Taya Parker as his new girlfriend. However, the pair didn't last. The following year, Michaels had a major health scare. A week after undergoing an appendectomy (per People), in April 2010, the rocker suffered a brain hemorrhage that kept him hospitalized for nearly a month, per ABC News. Luckily, he fully recovered and did a sit-down interview with Oprah a few weeks after being released (via E! Online). "What I want to do is make a positive bucket list," he told People.

In addition to "Rock of Love," Michaels appeared on other reality shows, including multiple seasons of "Celebrity Apprentice," winning one of them in 2010, per BBC News. Michaels also appeared as one of the contestants on a season of "The Masked Singer" where, according to Vanity Fair, he sang a rendition of Bob Dylan's "Knocking on Heaven's Door" while dressed as a banana.

The father of two is no longer doing TV, but he's back at his craft. Michaels tours both solo and with Poison, and the latter has slot on Motley Crue's long-delayed stadium tour alongside Def Leppard and Joan Jett. Originally set for summer 2020, the tour was bumped back several times due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and has since been slated for summer 2022.

Jes Rickleff

As the very first winner of the "Rock of Love" dating show, Jessica Rickleff is likely a memorable name to fans who watched from the beginning. Back in 2007, she was a 23-year-old Chicago-based cosmetologist who also tended bar on the side, according to the New York Post. Even though the premise of the show meant that she'd be in a relationship with Michaels after, the couple's love affair was short-lived, per MTV News. Apparently, Rickleff went back to an old beau (via Reality TV World). Soon after, a second season of the show was announced, which meant that Rickleff and Michaels were definitely done for good, and he'd be moving on to find another girlfriend, chosen from a batch of 25 new women.

Rickleff and Michaels weren't together long, but in 2009, she appeared in his "E! True Hollywood Story" episode, per IMDb. Although she made her television debut with two-toned pink and blond hair, she's apparently ditched the rosy locks for a simple blond look (via TMZ).

Ambre Lake

In the second installment of "Rock of Love," actress Ambre Lake came out as the winner of the season. However, that coupling, too, did not last. The 37-year-old and the rocker split shortly after the show's final episode aired. The two just couldn't find a common ground with their schedules, reported People Magazine.

After going their separate ways, VH1 gave Michaels another opportunity to find love by renewing the show for a third season. He told People Magazine that he was still in love with Lake, even though he went on with filming the show. Lake would later share that she believed that Michaels loved his occasional relationship with his girlfriend and mother of his two daughters, Kristi Gibson (via Celeb Buzz).

Like Rickleff, Lake also made an appearance in Michaels' "E! True Hollywood Story" episode, per IMDb. Even though she had an acting career prior to doing reality TV — she had an uncredited part in the 2002 film "Sweet Home Alabama — Lake, who is now in her 50s, hasn't done much acting since 2008. According to IMDb, she currently has a role in an upcoming project, "Gotterdammerung," a film characterized as "in development."

Megan Hauserman

While she didn't win any of the seasons, Megan Hauserman was one of the standout cast members in Season 2 of "Rock of Love." The bikini-clad Florida native made it as far as to be one of the final five contestants, but was eliminated shortly after. She went on to do several more VH1 reality TV shows, such as "Rock of Love: Charm School" and "I Love Money" — in the latter, she particularly continued to show her standout personality. It was likely her personality that encouraged the network to offer Hauserman a show of her own, titled "Megan Wants a Millionaire," in 2009. The series followed her searching for a man who wanted a trophy wife. The show could've propelled her reality TV career, but it was quickly canceled after a contestant was involved in a murder (per Entertainment Weekly).

The following year, she talked about her fears of coming close to a murderer (via People Magazine). She did one other series, but her reality career seemingly came to a halt in 2010, per IMDb. Today, Hauserman is a wife and mother, who found a "millionaire" to marry, per an interview posted on YouTube. She's also active on her personal Instagram page, mostly posting photos of herself and her son.

Daisy de la Hoya

Daisy de la Hoya was another notable member from the "Rock of Love" cast. She made her debut on Season 2 and was actually in the final two contestants, alongside Ambre Lake. She lost, but as a star of the season, VH1 gave her a spinoff dating show called "Daisy of Love." It only had one season (via IMDb). She didn't stay with the guy she chose and ended up in a relationship with '80s kid actor Corey Haim (via NBC Chicago). The two were dating around the time of his death in 2010.

De la Hoya did several other reality shows after the series ended, as well as some acting. In 2016, she revealed she was sober after abusing drugs since her reality TV stint (via VH1 News). More recently, de la Hoya seems to be leading a private life and has left the long blond locks for darker hair. She is also active on social media, but has set both her personal Twitter and Instagram pages to private. According to IMDb, de la Hoya is filming a new movie this year.

The reality star has been on record saying that she has been interested in the arts her entire life, and has even a swing at music. She has had a pair of projects over the years, one being a rock band called Black Star Electra, and the other a solo project called Ghost Generation.

Taya Parker

Taya Parker claimed victory in the series' third season, known as "Rock of Love Bus," besting the rest of that season's field in vying for the bandana-wearing musician's heart. Parker is a model who appeared in Penthouse magazine and also has some acting credits to her name. According to IMDb, her credits include mostly lesser known horror films with fantastic titles. Chief among them are 2016's "Beach Massacre at Kill Devil Hills" and 2017's "The Mangled." She also appeared as herself in 2014's "Pro Wrestlers vs. Zombies," a film which premiered at the height of a trend that saw a slew of different types of people — cheerleaders, cowboys, people from London, and so forth — finding themselves up against zombies.  Additionally, Parker has made appearances at comic book conventions where she took part in cosplaying as various characters, as can be seen in a 2013 interview posted to YouTube. Some of the characters she has cosplayed as over the years include comic book stalwarts like Batman villain Poison Ivy, and Wonder Woman. Further cementing her status as a comic book die-hard, she revealed that she adopted the stage name "Parker" as an homage to Peter Parker, the incredible Spider-Man.

Michaels and Parker wound up dating following her season on the show, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet. However, the relationship was short lived. Parker's Twitter bio currently touts that she was named Penthouse Pet of the Year, and is also an actress, model, and burlesque performer. 

Kristy Joe Muller

Michaels dated around 60 women over the course of the three seasons of "Rock of Love." However, according to Showbiz Cheat Sheet, one of the show's producers revealed in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) with fans that the Poison frontman didn't have much legitimate interest in most of the contestants, though one in particular piqued his interest enough to contact her after the show had wrapped. The anonymous producer claimed the contestant in question was Kristy Joe Muller. "I do think he was interested in Kristy Jo and reportedly contacted her multiple times after the show. I believe that was the only girl he did that with," the alleged producer wrote.

According to Muller's website, she's currently working as a model and brand ambassador and uses her online presence to promote products. In addition to her appearance on "Rock of Love," Muller also starred on VH1's reality series "Rock of Love: Charm School." Muller has also appeared in Playboy, something she mentions in the bio of her fairly-active Instagram page.

Heather Chadwell

Heather Chadwell appeared on both "Rock of Love" and VH1's "Rock of Love: Charm School," and she's perhaps best remembered for getting Michaels' name tattooed on her neck during the show's first season (via the New York Post). When the first season aired, Chadwell was living in Las Vegas and working as a stripper, but she managed to parlay her stints on reality shows into a handful of acting gigs. According to IMDb, Chadwell showed up in a 2009 episode of the TV series "Californication," in which she played a character whose name was also Heather. Two years later, she had an uncredited appearance on the long-running comedy "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia," playing a character named Sandy.

Her acting appearances have been sporadic over the years, but according to her Instagram page, Chadwell has turned her sights on a new venture: real estate. Luxury real estate to be precise, and she works as an agent in Orange County, California, after having previously worked in real estate in her hometown of Columbus, Ohio (via VH1). Additionally, she offers her services as a life coach and runs a few YouTube channels focusing on real estate and lifestyles. Chadwell also uses her online presence to promote various products, especially those related to health and wellness.

Lacey Sculls

Lacey Sculls went by her maiden name Lacey Conner when she appeared on "Rock of Love." She's probably best remembered as being one of the series' greatest villains, a role she embraced. "I have to do this villain thing," Sculls said, recalling her thought process on the show in an interview with Showbiz Cheat Seat. "It'll be fun. I love villains anyway."

According to her bio on IMDb — which she wrote — Sculls also appeared on the "Rock of Love" spin-off "Charm School." In 2012, Sculls started an alternative rock band called Halo, and that same year she met her husband, Johnny Sculls. The two were married in 2013 and then moved to Las Vegas. Sculls has also started a podcast, called "Talk of Love," which often features other former "Rock of Love" cast members as guests.

Sculls has been active in several charitable endeavors, including a dog rescue program which she ran for eight years. The program involved fostering dogs and ultimately finding them permanent homes. Her efforts saved around 100 dogs who would've otherwise been euthanized. She has also supported LGTBQ+ initiatives, as well as Black Lives Matter.