This Is The Most Dangerous Wolf In The World

The big bad wolf has been a powerful archetype of turpitude since the birth of folk tales and nursery rhymes. Over the years, the big bad wolf has posed an infinite number of questions, like what is the best architectural construction material: straw, sticks, or bricks? Also, should little boys play pranks on their neighbors? And probably the most notorious question the big bad wolf ever posed is, should little girls talk to strangers in the forest while clutching baskets filled with goodies? Before you quickly conjure a vision of a snarling beast in grandmother's gown saying, "all the better to eat you with, my dear," there's one important question you might want to ask yourself.

Who is the big bad wolf, anyway? The world is a bountiful place with no shortage of fanged canines roaming through its mountains, forests, and towns. Live Science reports that there are almost 40 known subspecies of wolves, making steep competition for the spot of "most dangerous." In order to determine the winner of "most dangerous wolf the world over," considerations were made for size, strength, and overall ability to thrive in the wild. Here is the well-awaited result.

The Mackenzie Valley wolf is the most dangerous wolf in the world

He may look a bit like Lassie, but the Mackenzie Valley wolf, a subspecies of gray wolf, is no match for Timmy and his little well. According to Daily Science Journal, this carnivorous feral canine hailing from Canada's Mackenzie River Valley can grow to be 7 feet long. This puts it at the same precise size as the equally notorious Timber wolf. However, it beats the Timber wolf in weight and that extra 15 pounds makes a world of difference. For the Mackenzie Valley wolf, extra weight equals more power by way of stronger limbs, larger lungs, and a power packing jawline that aids in its consumption of larger prey.

Unlike other wolves that exhibit a preference in their palate, the Mackenzie Valley wolf will pretty much eat anyone — err, anything — it comes across. Everything is on the menu for this guy, from sheep to salmon, squirrel to snowshoe hare (via Cosmosmith). The MacKenzie Valley wolf is perfectly capable of throwing a full-sized reindeer down the hatch, antlers and all. That being said, just because this wolf is dangerous, doesn't mean the species is not in danger of dying out. A-Z Animals lists this fascinating wild canine as one of North America's endangered species.