The Meaning Of The Beatitudes In The Bible Explained

The Bible has a lot of different areas within it that tell the story of the beginning of Jesus Christ. As one of the oldest collections of religious texts in the world, it's no secret that many people turn to it for answers and guidance. Because essentially, the Bible's words are believed to come straight from the source, Jesus, in the form of what are called the Beatitudes.

The word "beatitudes" comes from the Latin word "beatitudinem," which in simple terms means "to be blessed" or "a blessing" (via Online Etymology Dictionary). These particular blessings are believed to come from Jesus himself and lay the foundation of life. Each beatitude highlights a blessing for a specific situation followed by a solution. In the bible, Jesus notably went to the top of a mountain and sat down, where he began speaking to a crowd of people that formed around him. With their attention, he spoke several famous blessings (or beatitudes).

The purpose of the Beatitudes

This delivery of the Beatitudes took place in the Sermon on the Mount. On that day, Jesus laid out his eight famous blessings, which can be found in Matthew chapter 5, verses 3 to 10 (via Bible Gateway).

Each situation, behavior, or conflict at the start of each beatitude comes with a hopeful blessing. For example, the fourth beatitude says: "Blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness," and the following statement says, "for they will be filled." This is the basis of nearly all of them. For example, others offer blessings to those who help the homeless, lose hope in faith, promote peace, are in mourning, and ones who can forgive and exemplify kindness to all (via Bible Study Tools). 

Today, there are people of the Christian faith who try to apply the Beatitudes in their day-to-day lives. Not only do the Beatitudes provide hope, but they encourage good attitudes and behavior towards one another. Aside from daily practice, one can even find the Beatitudes framed in someone's home, as they are common home decor symbols that serve as a reminder to follow their words.