The Truth About The Olympic Corrections Center Jailbreak

Jailbreaks always capture headlines, as a dramatic escape from high-security prison never fails to shock the populace. Countless films and shows have centered around the ingenuity and daring attitude required to attempt to break out of jail. And while some are inspired by true stories, many jailbreak movies tend to stretch the truth, as real-life attempts are not always so clever.

According to Listverse, one escape attempt that perhaps wouldn't be suitable for the big screen was that of James Edward Russell, who was serving his fourth prison sentence for theft and forgery in 2011 at the Olympic Corrections Center in Forks, Washington. In the middle of the night, Russell made a daring escape into the woods, sprinting away from the prison until he happened upon a cabin. Russell, still in his prison jumpsuit, knocked on the door in hopes of finding a telephone. What he did find was the swift end of his escape attempt.

James Edward Russell found the wrong cabin

James Edward Russell had unwittingly stumbled upon a cabin rented by an off-duty prison guard from Olympic Corrections Center — the very jail Russell had escaped from just hours before (via The Seattle Times). The guard recognized the red jumpsuits of the prison, and a scuffle ensued. Russell was able to run into the woods again but was apprehended a few hours later after officers were alerted to his position. Ultimately, the 39-year-old was returned to jail.

Russell had been transferred to a minimum-security work camp just a day before his escape attempt and had three years left on his sentence. In general, an escape attempt adds at least another year to a sentence, which would then be served at a much higher-security facility. Russell was put under watch, spending 24 hours in his cell while his escape from the work camp was investigated. Little is known about Russell after his ill-fated jailbreak, and he could have been a free man as early as 2015 — given that he didn't knock on any more random cabin doors.