Ridiculously Expensive Apartments We'll Never Get To Live In

It's easy to assume all apartments are about the same. Sure, some are bigger than others, but the basics of apartment living can't be that much different from rich to poor. Oh, but that's where you're wrong. So very, very wrong. The world has some insane apartments that have a lot more than a couple of rooms and a community pool. So, if you have a ton of money but still really want to live in a building with hundreds of other people, this article is for you.

Monaco—$335 million

This is literally the most expensive apartment in the world, and we mean literally in its literal sense, not the newfangled figurative version. The penthouse atop the Tour Odeon is five stories and 31,500 square feet. From your perch in the altitudes of Monaco you can enjoy a view of the French Riviera, but you're high enough that you don't have to worry about the view of old men in Speedos.

The apartment itself features at least five bedrooms, though that might be counting each floor as its own room. You also get a dance floor and two pools on separate stories that are connected via waterslide. If this penthouse wasn't designed by a creative 12-year-old, we'd be shocked.

Enjoy your rooftop pool and deck as you gaze onto the city of Monte Carlo. The biggest downside is that people will asking you to host their wedding receptions or baby showers all the time, so you might want to cut down on any unnecessary friendships before you shell out the $387 million.

New York—$250 Million

If you'd rather stay in the good old US of A but still need to live in extreme luxury, head to the Big Apple. New York City is well known for its super expensive cost of living. And also for its huge population of rats—truly, this city has it all. Now, there's a penthouse for sale in a tower at 220 Central Park South that's set a new record for overpriced living (no info yet on its rat population).

The $250 million condo gets you four floors and beautiful views of Central Park, yet you're kept far, far away from the tourists and homeless people who inhabit the area. You get five balconies that all view the park, so you could have complete smoking and non-smoking sections in your outdoor space, if you chose. With 16 bedrooms and 17 bathrooms, you'll have so much space you won't know where to pee first! But the biggest perk would be the knowledge that you have the most expensive apartment in the city by more than $100 million. Those poor fools in their affordable $100 million apartments won't get to walk around like they're kings of the city when you empty your bank account for this beauty.

London—$195 million

London, otherwise known as New York with better accents and a different meaning of chips, is another place known for soaring housing costs. But unlike New York, where you get to look at a park for a quarter million dollars, this London penthouse puts you right next to the Queen. Not just close to the Queen. You could look down upon the Queen from your bathroom.

The luxury apartment in London is going for $195 million and overlooks Buckingham Palace. You'd get to see the changing of the guards whenever you want and maybe catch the Queen stepping outside for a smoke (we have no proof that the Queen smokes, but it would be cool to see). The 12 bedrooms and bathroom could easily accommodate a small family or very wealthy soccer team and manager.

The owners of the building understand that $150 million is a lot to put down at once. So, out of their kind, kind hearts, they've offered two payment options. Paying it all or breaking it up into four easy payments of $48.7 million. See, it's pretty manageable after all.

Dubai—$74.5 million

You can't have a list of expensive things without having something from Dubai. With its gravity-defying buildings and ATMs that dispense solid gold, they're sure to have some luxurious dwellings. One such place is the penthouse in Tower ONE. With over 40,000 square feet and eight bedrooms, you won't have to worry about the help taking up too much room. They have their own servants' quarters, so their lives won't possibly disturb your lifestyle.

The real allure of this home isn't just the square footage but the many amenities. Finally, you won't have to go out among the lowly regular people if you want to see a movie. You get your own cinema. Want to pray, but don't want to be around poor folk? Thank your favorite deity, the home comes with a temple of its own. Of course your $75 million penthouse comes with views of the ocean and the extravagant city of Dubai, so you can witness the exceptional spending of money all around you all hours of the day.

Hong Kong—$66 million

Living in the "Presidential Unit" on the top floor of a building designed by Frank Gehry sounds pretty nice, right? Does it sound $66 million nice? Well, it doesn't matter what you think because that's what that apartment recently sold for, making it the most expensive apartment in all of Asia.

You don't get quite as much room in this super expensive home. Just four bathrooms and two parking spaces. Wait, only two spaces? What will you do will your Jay Leno-esque collection of cars?

The jewel of the flat is the 1,500-square-foot balcony with hot tub. If whoever owns this place gets sad that they have a pathetic number of parking spaces, at least they can know that their balcony is bigger than most any home a millennial could afford.

Los Angeles—$50 million

Life can be so unfair. You visit a Four Seasons, fall in love with their impeccable taste, then have to leave again. Why can't you just live there? Well, thank God, you can. For only $50 million, you could grab a penthouse in the Four Seasons Private Residences in Los Angeles. You get your own swimming pool and 9,000-square-foot garden that looks out upon the glorious smog of the city.

Plus, you get to live in fabulous Beverly Hills. The glamour of tour buses and traffic awaits right outside your door. Get to enjoy all the wonders of Southern California, like its beautiful beaches. They're only an hour away, unless you go at 3 AM when the traffic is only miserable instead of God awful.

Paris—$49.5 million

Wake up every day to a view of the Eiffel Tower in Paris's most expensive apartment. For almost $50 million, you can reside in a two-story penthouse that overlooks the most clichéd view of Paris possible. The interior looks like the palace of a low-level Duke, and you even get your own rip-off statue of David! What home is complete without one?

The abode is meant for entertaining, but if you're worried about your guests having to mix with the help, don't sweat it. There's a separate staff entrance, so there'll never be an awkward elevator conversation between a rich person and the people who serve them. Also, if you're worried about getting homesick, the building is on Avenue du President Kennedy, so you can feel a patriotic glow every time you write your address on a million-dollar check for caviar supplies.

San Francisco—$42 million

It's truly shocking that San Francisco, known for crazy residential prices, ranks so low on the list of expensive apartments. Its new $42 million condo seems downright affordable compared to some others. But this apartment lets you live in the clouds. Really: you're 700 feet up, so it's the closest thing to living in a cloud city as you're going to get. Sure, the city is known for its fog, so you'll probably get to gaze out on an indecipherable mist most days. But on the 5–10 non-foggy days a year, the view will be unparalleled.

Though you may be high in the sky, the interior is filled with some of the finest materials on Earth. The front door is made from New Guinean wood, the marble comes straight from the cliffs of Italy, and the door handles are covered in gold. What better way to show your wealth than by looking down on the people of the city while you touch gold every time you go to the bathroom?

Honolulu, Hawaii—$36 million

You want to live in paradise, but can't live without an indoor golf simulator? The Waiea Tower has you covered. For $36 million, you can reside in a penthouse in Honolulu with a large infinity pool and views of the ocean. You get 10,000 square feet and five bedrooms to enjoy on the building's 36th floor.

What makes this living situation stand out from other luxury apartments is the sushi. Not just any sushi. Nobu sushi. You can get the famous chef's sushi any time of day. You don't even have to leave your infinity pool to enjoy the fine fish cuisine. Seriously though, eat that sushi. You're paying $36 million, so you better eat a small sea's worth of ocean life to make the price worthwhile.

Boston—$33 million

The Millennium Tower in Boston listed its 13,000 square foot penthouse for $37.5 million. But buyer John Grayken wasn't going to pay that crazy amount. He got the penthouse for the bargain price of $33 million. What savings! Since Grayken already owns his own island, he certainly wasn't going to waste extra cash on a Boston condo.

The large flat overlooks all of Boston and features high-speed elevators. Finally, that one-to-two-minute commute to the ground is over! The building has an entertainment room, a screening room, and a nice gym with lap pool. Though those might seem like fairly common amenities for even a mid-priced building, at the Millennium Tower,­ you get the peace of mind that no one with less than a $2 million net worth has touched any of it.

Sydney, Australia—$19 million

If you're looking to move into a place called the Opera Residences, you should expect to pony up some cash. The $19 million penthouse's best attribute is the beautiful views of the Sydney harbor. It may surprise you that the flat itself is only three bedrooms and four bathrooms. A perfectly average size, but a little small for Australia's most expensive apartment.

Luckily, the family that bought the home thought of a solution. Buy the other floors! The family spent $42 million total on the penthouse and two sub-penthouses for the kids. Because if you can't get your children a luxury penthouse, what's the point of being a parent? This does bring up a good tip if you're looking to live in a luxury home of your own one day. Just get adopted by an insanely wealthy family and let them provide the extravagant lifestyle you were always meant to lead.