Disturbing Details Found In Michele MacNeill's Autopsy Report

Back in 2007, mother of eight Michele MacNeill was found dead in her bathtub by her daughter Ada. The 6-year-old's father had stood stock still in the kitchen after picking Ada up from school and merely said to her, "Go check on your mother." Ada swept past her father crying "Mommy, mommy!" as she ran to the bathroom, per Heavy. That morning, Martin had already called one of his older daughters, Alexis, and left her a message telling her to "call her mother immediately." Alexis called her dad instead and he limply muttered, "Your mom. She's in the tub. She's not breathing. I've called an ambulance." The original autopsy report, viewable on Scribd, ruled Michele's death natural and the result of "chronic hypertension and myocarditis."

Underneath the unfolding family tragedy, another truly sinister reality lurked. Michele had grown up a prom queen, straight-A student, athlete, and model. Along with Martin, she had adopted four children on top of the couple's birth children. When Michele died, they'd been married 29 years, per ABC4

However, on the day she was laid to rest, as the Salt Lake Tribune recalls, Martin got remarried. He'd been having an affair with his new wife and once-prospective nanny, Gypsy Willis, a fact already suspected by both Michele and her kids. 

Fact after fact started to fall into place, and in 2013 Martin MacNeill was finally convicted of the first-degree murder of his wife Michele. He was sentenced to 17 years in prison, but three years in, he committed suicide.

Drugged by her husband while in recovery from a facelift

When Michele caught on to her husband Martin's potential affair with the younger Gypsy Willis, Martin resorted in deplorable fashion and suggested his wife get a facelift. As ABC News explains, Michele had "never talked about that before or anything." Martin researched potential doctors himself and after the surgery, while Michele was in pain, he fed her a cocktail of pills that he himself suggested to the doctor: Valium, Ambien, Phenergan, Percocet, and Lortab. On the surface, Michele's death looked like a nigh-stereotypical "slip in the tub" accident due to a lack of lucidity. 

At the time of her death, Michele was indeed found with diazepam (generic for Valium), Oxycodone, Promethazine (generic for Phenergan), and Zolpidem (generic for Ambien) in her system, which, as her amended autopsy says on Scribd, had the "lethally contributory effect" of "significant sedation on the central nervous system." Her heart failed due to myocarditis (inflammation of the heart muscles) and "unexpected arrhythmias," and also exhibited hypertrophy (swelling) and stenosis of the arteries (shrinking). Michele's facelift hadn't even healed, as indicated by "dehiscence/non-union of skin margins along the scalp, eyelids, and other facial areas."

At one point, Michele must have suspected Martin's intent, because she said to her daughter Alexis, "Give me each of the pills so I can feel it with my finger so if he tries to give me something else, I'll know what he's giving me," and "If anything happens to me, make sure it wasn't your dad."