Here's What The Amish Do On Vacation

The group of traditionalist Christians called the Amish continues to intrigue the curiosity of many people. The Amish can be found in various states in the U.S. but live in eastern states, with Pennsylvania and Ohio having the largest concentration, via Amish America. They are known for living and adhering to a vastly different lifestyle than that of the typical person living in America. The Amish wear a particular set of dress; mostly interact, date, and marry within their community; and their common mode of transport is by horse and buggy, per PBS. Certain modern necessities are not permitted. Owning and driving a car are not something the Amish will do, but there are rules that allow them to ride as a passenger in one.

In recent years, several of the stricter rules they usually abided by have loosened to adapt to today's world, and some use phones and technology. As a member of the Amish church, a follower must respect and heed to a specific set of orders. While those rules might seem outdated to many, it doesn't stop this group of people from living ordinary life on their own terms.

Planning a vacation with an Amish lifestyle

Since they don't often have a lot of contact with people outside their communities, there's a lot of misconceptions about the Amish. Media representations of them are rare and the few portrayals of them, such as in the '80s movie "Witness," or even reality TV shows like "Breaking Amish," haven't helped to educate more. There's a lot that people still don't know when it comes to the Amish, but truth be told, they live life like everyone else — just under a different structure. That includes normal things like vacationing. So what does a vacation look like for the Amish?

As mentioned earlier, the Amish do not travel by driving motorized vehicle themselves. However, they do use buses, trains, and will accept a ride in a car (taxi), so long as they are the passenger, per Amish America. This rule remains in place even when vacationing, so it's not a far cry from how a lot of people get to and fro on a break. But where do they go on a getaway?

The go-to travel destination for the Amish

An Amish vacation traditionally looks like a visit to another predominantly Amish community. These travels will usually include a stop at a relative's home. If a lot of members of one family are also on this excursion, then they will travel by bus or train. The Amish partake in usual tourist activities when they visit somewhere. Though it seems like they usually stick to areas where they find other Amish, many have ventured out and have taken trips to popular locations. But there is one particular area that attracts the Amish by the dozens and has for many years, so much so that it's their go-to vacation spot.

Pinecraft is a small neighborhood located in the city of Sarasota Springs, Florida. It is here that scores of Amish make their way to when they want to go on a vacation. It attracts hundreds and hundreds of Amish every year, per The New Yorker. The area is an Amish community, and aside from fellow Amish — many non-Amish people also visit the historic location to experience Amish culture (via Visit Sarasota).

Because Pinecraft is considered a haven for the Amish, a lot of the stricter rules are eased up on. So while there, the Amish can be seen doing things they normally don't get to do in their home settlements. In Pinecraft, they can be seen wearing jewelry, at the beach, playing sports, eating ice cream, riding bikes all around, and most importantly, relaxing.