This Colorized Photo Will Change How You Look At Alexander Graham Bell

If the man in this cover photo doesn't ring a bell, you might not be too familiar with the history of the cellphone you're likely using to read this article. Renowned inventor Alexander Graham Bell is most famous for inventing the telephone and single-handedly changing communication all across the globe (via History). The invention stirred up quite a bit of controversy at the time, with many rival inventors claiming to be the original creators of the popular device. In the end, after 20 years and 550 issues brought to the attention of the justice system, Bell was officially deemed the original inventor of the telephone. Other notable accomplishments from this historical figure include the invention of the metal detector and the establishment of Science Magazine (via Biography).

Bell's contributions to science, sound, and communication cannot be understated. However, his legacy faded to black in August of 1922, when all phones were silenced in the honor of his death. Today, he lives on in our history books, but is mostly portrayed in black and white imagery.

Here's what Alexander Graham Bell might have looked like in color

Color really does drastically change the appearance of Alexander Graham Bell in many ways. Here you can see the legendary investor's face transition from dull and stern to bright and interesting. In this colorized update, he comes across as a twist between a rugged, aging outdoorsman and a sort of absent-minded professor. His eyes sparkle with knowledge, and his hair's unruly manner is a bit more apparent when positioned before a pronounced, colorful backdrop.

The details in his suit reveal a three-piece style, complete with vest and tie, emblematic of the era (via GQ). What really stands out is his facial expression, which, when colorized, is much warmer. Indeed, his bushy mustache hides a nearly upturned half-smile. Could the inventor have been lighting up with plans for a new creation? Or was he grimacing at the thought of all the legal battles ahead? We may never know for certain, but there is definitely something new to take away from the colorization of this antiquated picture.