The Strange Request Stevie Nicks Had For Fleetwood Mac's Tusk Tour

Musicians are known to be some of the more whimsical people around. It comes with the territory of being brilliantly creative, knowing it, and likewise knowing that most people will do extraordinary things to keep you smiling when you're wealthy and famous, regardless of how impractical it is. 

Stars seem to go by a different playbook, regularly making headlines for naming their children strange things or getting some exotic pet that requires a whole troupe of people specifically to wrangle their jungle critter. Then we get to the "weird asks." Performers, in general, have "weird asks" — the things they demand on tour that can be pretty over-the-top. 

One musician who really took advantage of her celebrity was Stevie Nicks of Fleetwood Mac fame, specifically during the band's 1979-1980 "Tusk" tour. That was when Fleetwood Mac embarked on an 8-month U.S. tour on the heels of the massive success of their 1977 album "Rumours," which stayed at number one on the Billboard 200 for 31 non-consecutive weeks from 1977 to 1978, according to Billboard.

Stevie Nick's hotel rooms had to be painted pink

There's not much we can get away with when we visit a hotel as regular people. We book a room, maybe get some fresh towels or access to room service, and that's about it. Unless we're in the most expensive suite in the building, throwing thousands of dollars around, or our face has been featured on a few magazine covers, it's not in a hotel's best interest most of the time to give us special treatment. But when you're Stevie Nicks ushering in the '80s with rock 'n' roll stardom, it's a different story.

According to GQ, the whole band had quite a few special demands while they were on their "Tusk" tour. For starters, each member of the band had their own masseuse and a personal makeup crew. They also each had individual bodyguards that held a black belt in karate. But not even these perks could top Stevie Nicks' hotel requests. 

Every room she stayed in was painted pink before she arrived, per Vulture. Nicks also requested a white grand piano in all of her rooms. If you don't know, having a grand piano winched or craned into the upper level of a hotel is no small feat, and this was going on all across the United States — because Stevie Nicks had the fame to pull it off.