This Is How Ghislaine Maxwell And Jeffrey Epstein Really Met

Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein are perhaps the most infamous couple in recent memory, as the two allegedly coordinated a decades-long ring of pedophilia and sex trafficking for some of the world's most rich and powerful. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the circumstances around their first meeting are also mired in unsettling details that would set the tone for the grisly future issues caused by their relationship.

According to Forbes, Maxwell and Epstein met through her father, convicted fraudster and tabloid king, Robert Maxwell. The pair was introduced as early as 1988, with Robert Maxwell reportedly providing funds for Epstein. The Maxwells were very close to each other, with a staffer reporting that they were forced to look at eight albums worth of funeral photos when Ghislaine's father passed away. The introduction between the two blossomed into a relationship as Maxwell found that Epstein could take care of her "emotionally." Even when they stopped being a romantic item, the two remained friends and alleged partners in their grisly business. Of course, like everything to do with Epstein and Maxwell, there is also uncertainty over what's fact and what's a convenient fiction.

Epstein filled the void left by Maxwell's father

The claim that Robert Maxwell introduced his beloved daughter to Epstein comes from a convicted Ponzi schemer who had dealings with the men, according to Distractify. Other sources have Ghislaine Maxwell meeting Epstein through mutual friends around 1991, the year when Robert Maxwell died after suffering a heart attack and drowning.

Whether they met in '91 or '88 isn't completely clear, but it's obvious that the two began their relationship in the immediate aftermath of Robert Maxwell's death. Epstein filled the void left behind by Maxwell's father, who cherished Ghislaine over his other children. Much mystery surrounds the relationship between the two but many reported that the pair were dating for at least a few years, with Maxwell referred to as the "Lady of the House" by Epstein's assistants at his New York residence. The story of how Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffrey Epstein met is a perfect summation of their relationship: shrouded in uncertainty and unsettling details.