Some Of The Most Famous Serial Killers Who Were Libras

Some of the world's most infamous and gruesome serial killers have been born under the sign of Libra, including one of the deadliest killers in modern history. According to Killer Cloud, Pedro Lopez, also known as the "Monster of the Andes," was born on October 8, 1948, and went on to terrorize his native Colombia for the next four decades. After claiming his first life in the 1960s, Lopez went on a killing spree that would claim over 100 lives, mostly young girls — though he claimed to have killed more than 300 victims. This could be part of his typical Libra vanity, further exemplified by his claims that he was the "man of the century" (via Ranker).

Fred West is another Libra serial killer, and while he never got close to the gruesomely high numbers of Lopez, his crimes are no less depraved. West committed over a dozen rapes and murders in Gloucestershire, England, and was often aided by his wife Rosemary (via The Famous People). The killer couple buried their victims' bodies within the house garden and even raped and killed two of their own daughters. West, whose vanity led him to have an affair despite his wife's cooperation with his terrible crimes. After several arrests and acquittals, the Wests were eventually captured and imprisoned in 1994; Fred hung himself in prison, while Rosemary was given a life sentence.

Andrei Chikatilo was a Libra

One of the most brutal serial killers of the Soviet Union and perhaps the world at large was also a Libra: Andrei Chikatilo (via Killer Cloud). Chikatilo was known by many names during his killing career, including the Butcher of Rostov, The Red Ripper, and Citizen X. Chikatilo grew up in a poor household and was abused in both his home and school life as a child. In his early 40s, Chikatilo began his killing spree, often sexually abusing his victims and even engaging in cannibalism on occasion. He was fueled by self-pity, common among Libras, because of his rough childhood and impotency (via Ranker). By the time he was captured in 1990, he had killed over 50 victims, most of them children; this doesn't include the man falsely convicted and executed for his first murder. Chikatilo was later sentenced to death by shooting.

While there are many more serial killer Libras, these three men have the dishonorable distinction of being some of the most infamous and gruesome killers of their entire Zodiac sign— a trio of terrible criminals that are as grisly as any Zodiac sign could muster.