The Real Reason Betty White Only Gets 4 Hours Of Sleep Every Night

People, successful and otherwise, have spent centuries sleeping below the "normal" threshold of eight hours.. They range from television personalities to CEOs of businesses to professional football coaches. Their viewpoint tends to be that sleep is for those who have no desire to get ahead in life. Some of them are just naturally built that way, while others may also need a lot of caffeine to help propel them through a day. These are called short-sleepers (via the BBC).

There are others who sleep this little, but it is a result of things that are out of their control. They may have a sleep disorder, like insomnia. Their bodies may crave sleep but they are unable to cross over that threshold for long enough. They may also be able to pinpoint sleep apnea as a culprit. Whatever the cause, this can lead to their stumbling about at certain points during a day, their mind not functioning at peak speed, even with caffeine. This can possibly lead to harmful side effects, like higher blood pressure and even a stroke. 

Betty White, the legendary actress, only gets four hours of sleep a night. It's not for any health reasons or stress, though. 

Betty White's positive attitude has helped her longevity

The main reason that White throws off the covers each day after four hours of shut-eye is that she is just positively giddy that she will be working. Her whole attitude seems to be one big reason for her longevity — she is a very positive person overall. She even told Prevention Magazine that not taking herself seriously has been an important part of her staying healthy. She also credited staying active both in body and mind as a big key. 

Sometimes the secret to longevity is also to have some luck and good genes. There are those who live an extremely healthy lifestyle that pass on at a young age due to other factors, and others who eat foods that many would deem unhealthy and live beyond 100. The important thing is to make the most of one's time.

Since White is closing in on turning 100 in January 2022, it's pretty apparent that this lack of sleep has not had a negative effect on her health. She still has all her faculties and health. While it might not be great for everyone, it certainly works for her. In this case, only be like Betty if you are staying healthy, too.