Celebs You'd Never Guess Were Big Gamers

Since the world loves hearing that celebrities eat, sleep, and breathe like everyone else, it's time to find out which ones like to party with a controller in their hand. It's easy for actors, musicians, and athletes to fall prey to all the temptations available out there, especially in the spotlight, but it's another thing for them to take up one of the only addictions we wholeheartedly encourage: gaming. Whether they're playing Super Mario Bros., World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Dungeons & Dragons, or some other pixelated adventure, these celebrities aren't afraid of their nerdy habits.

Brie Larson

When actress Brie Larson tweeted "I love you @NintendoAmerica," preceded by a whopping four "Loudly Crying Face" emojis upon the release of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, casual Larson fans probably thought she lost her mind. But if you've been following her since her teen idol, pop-star-in-training years, you know she's been a hardcore Nintendo fan since she was a kid. "Actually, my 15th birthday was a Nintendo party," she told IGN back in 2005 (which is also the year she turned 15). "It was awesome! I had a bounce house and I had all my friends dress up as their favorite Nintendo character and we played video games and had these giant blow-up hammers and whacked each other in the bounce house. It was very fun!" Not gonna lie: we want to go there.

Back then, the Gamecube fangirl ("I can't do the Playstation. I can't do all those killing games") said her favorite game was Paper Mario, but these days, she's obviously all about Zelda, telling Buzzfeed even before the release of Breath of the Wild that she feels the most like herself when she's "at home, in [her] PJs, playing Zelda." But Larson doesn't appear to limit her gaming diet to Nintendo: in an August 2016 tweet, she called the world of the serene underwater exploration game Abzu which isn't available on any Nintendo console — her "happy place" that she wants to "live inside." So it makes sense that Breath of the Wild's lush, next-gen world, paired with the Zelda mythos she knows and loves, made Larson ugly-cry digital tears of joy.

Vin Diesel

When most people try to picture what the average gamer looks like, chances are they wouldn't imagine a frame or visage like Vin Diesel's. The Guardians of the Galaxy and The Fast and the Furious actor is surprisingly an avid gamer, whose habits started over two decades ago when he and his friends first started playing the tabletop version of Dungeons & Dragons. Diesel supposedly has a tattoo somewhere on his body featuring the name of his longtime Dungeons & Dragons character, Melkor, who is named after Sauron's old master in J.R.R. Tolkien's The Silmarillion.

What's even crazier is that the premise for Diesel's 2015 film, The Last Witch Hunter, spawned from a nerdy conversation between the Groot voice actor and writer Cory Goodman, another D&D addict. Unless Melkor was suddenly a mute, we're guessing he had more to say during this convo then "I am Groot."

Michelle Rodriguez

Yet another surprise name from The Fast and the Furious series, Michelle Rodriguez is partial to fighting games and first-person shooters. She loves the rush of competition and is known to play games from the Street Fighter, Tekken, Halo, and Call of Duty franchises.

Rodriguez became a recognized name in the video game community back in 2002, when she starred in the first Resident Evil movie. She has also done a variety of voiceover work over the years for the True Crime, Halo, Battlefield and Call of Duty series. Make sure you keep an eye out for her gameplay footage floating online, to watch Rodriguez talk smack to all her victims.

Adrianne Curry

Not only has reality-TV star, former Playboy centerfold, and first-ever America's Next Top Model winner Adrianne Curry hosted a few gaming-related events and shows, including Sony's The Tester – the first live-action series to debut on a console — she's also an avid gamer. Want proof? Look no further than her Twitter account which, when she's not using it to call her cats positively filthy things, is known for awesome updates like, "Jumping into shower. Going to spend my afternoon playing World of Warcraft butt-naked and stoned. Perfect Sunday!" Perfect, indeed.

Curry's parents wouldn't let her get a console as a kid, so she started hiding smuggled-in PC classics such as Myst, 7th Guest, Duke Nukem, Quake, and Wolfenstein onto the family computer, so she could play them with her brother on-the-sly. With that kind of dedication, it's no wonder she became Guild Master of "Explicit" on the "Nazgrel Server" in WoW in 2011 ... whatever on Azeroth that means.

Olivia Munn

The Venn Diagram of "Olivia Munn Fans" and "Olivia Munn Fans That Know She's A Gamer" is basically just a circle, but a few casual Munn-lovers — like Aaron Sorkin addicts who only know her as Sloan Sabbith on HBO's The Newsroom — may be unaware of her gamer bonafides. Munn enjoys first-person shooters and the Assassin's Creed series, but gets her daily fix via a cheapo mobile Jeopardy! clone called Category Quiz. Who is "our dream girl," Alex?

Munn's love of gaming began with an obscure sumo-wrestling game on her family's shared PC. Family lore has it that Munn beat the game so thoroughly and masterfully that she somehow broke it, but Munn admits it was probably just a particularly badass coincidence.

Robin Williams

The late, great Robin Williams will always be known for his upbeat style of comedy and the iconic roles he immortalized over the course of his career. We were all shocked by Williams' unfortunate passing in 2014, but we'd like to remember him for all the times he'd ever made us smile and laugh. We'd also like to remember him as being a dedicated gamer who embraced the culture, particularly The Legend of Zelda. The man behind the Genie from Aladdin loved video games so much, he even named his daughter Zelda (good thing he didn't choose Impa).

Williams' fondness for gaming extended well beyond the Nintendo classics, as he was also known for regularly playing the likes of World of Warcraft, Half-Life, Call of Duty, and Battlefield.

Mila Kunis

Some of you may remember Mila Kunis for starring alongside Mark Wahlberg in the Hollywood depiction of Max Payne, but this Ukrainian bombshell's history of gaming goes back further than you'd expect. Around the time she was dancing atop her toes in Black Swan, Kunis admitted on the air to Jimmy Kimmel that she was part of a serious Guild in World of Warcraft. Presumably, anyone who trolled her with "shut up, Meg," got wasted in seconds.

But that isn't even the nerdiest part of her gaming history. Long before Kunis started questing throughout Azeroth in World of Warcraft, she was conquering a different land in the popular tabletop board game, The Settlers of Catan. She's one pen-and-paper RPG away from being the greatest person on Earth.

Ronda Rousey

Ronda Rousey might still be icing her jaw because of Amanda Nunes, but this rookie member of The Expendables was a special kind of ultimate fighter long before she stepped into the Octagon. For as long as she's been learning martial arts, Rousey's also been mastering the sweet science that is button-mashing. Yep, Rousey's got a fourth-degree black belt in judo, and an affinity for The Legend of Zelda, Jak and Daxter, and the Mortal Kombat series.

Plus, she's got the skills to be a Pokemon master. Back when she was just an amateur judo student (albeit a top-ranked one), she was also moderating a Pokemon forum on the side. Unfortunately for her, she can't do her patented armbar during a Pokemon match. Fortunately for her, Nunes doesn't seem to care about catching 'em all, so she's safe there.

Henry Cavill

Henry Cavill might be the current symbol of truth, justice, and the American way, but this British Superman was saving the world long before he had an "S" on his chest. Cavill admitted to being a dedicated World of Warcraft player in his early years, and still is. In fact, he's so into WoW, he almost missed the phone call from Zack Snyder offering him the role of Superman because he was too busy raiding and you can't pause a live game like that. The Lich King came this close to doing in one day what Lex Luthor hasn't been able to do for decades: destroy Superman.

Like, damn. We could imagine Clark Kent sitting at his computer for days trying to take down Illidan, but not the Man of Steel. Let's hope he didn't have any Leeroy Jenkins moments. Maybe Batman started beefing with Kal-El because he thought Final Fantasy XIV was the better MMORPG?

Megan Fox

Actress Megan Fox has been a gamer her entire life, cutting her now-perfect teeth on Aladdin for the Super Nintendo. In the modern era, the Transformers star and hobby psychic is a big fan of all things Mortal Kombat, including 2008's Mortal Kombat vs DC Universe, wherein the Man of Steel serves as her in-game Kryptonite. "I hated playing as Superman," she told IGN's now-defunct What They Play in 2009. "His combos were so weird. I don't know, I just thought it was lame." Careful, Meg. The last time someone called Superman lame, he totally ... ignored it and went along his day. He's a pretty nice guy, actually.

Fox isn't just about breaking digital bones: she also enjoyed the exercise opportunities offered up by the original Wii console in its heyday, singling out the woefully fatality-free party game Rayman Raving Rabbids as a title she would play until she was out of breath. We're not sure what's more fun — that game, the idea of Megan Fox playing that game, or trying to say that game's title five times fast.

Christina Applegate

Married... With Children nymphet, and Anchorman star, Christina Applegate was so addicted to Guitar Hero in 2009, she once gave herself a two-week-long ocular migraine. She even used the game to kill time while filming her ABC sitcom Samantha Who?, which may help explain why the show only lasted two seasons. (We get it, Christina: "Through The Fire and Flames" ruined lives.)

Applegate's then-boyfriend, Martyn LeNoble, founding bass player for the Perry Farrell-fronted alt-rock act Porno For Pyros, wasn't too impressed with her simulated guitar prowess, once scoffing that it's just a "ridiculous" game. Applegate, selling herself way short, conceded, telling Jay Leno that mastering the game is "not a skill, it's just coordination." Game-shaming ain't cool, Martyn.

Cara Delevingne

Perhaps best known for role as Enchantress in 2016's Academy Award-winning Suicide Squad, British supermodel and actress Cara Delevingne is a huge fan of the increasingly bonkers Call of Duty games, and not just because Activision presumably paid her a ton of money to star in a commercial for 2015's Call of Duty: Black Ops III. Delevingne was a fan of the series long before filming the spot, according to Todd Harvey, the Senior Vice President of Consumer Marketing for Activision. "Our history with Cara goes back to when she used to attend some of our events simply because she wanted to play the game," Harvey told MTV News.

Activision also used this cynical "Let's Get People Who Actually Like the Games to Sell the Games" approach to nab actor and fellow CoD fan Michael B. Jordan, who co-starred with Delevingne in the spot.

Aisha Tyler

Between Archer, Whose Line is It Anyway, and a successful movie career, you'd think Aisha Tyler wouldn't have time for gaming, or any other hobby. But you'd be dead wrong — Tyler has been into video gaming since she was a little girl, and shows no signs of stopping.

As she told Mashable in 2014, she's been into video games her entire life and would spend hours at arcades alone, playing this game and that. As she grew, she embraced Tomb Raider, Halo, Fallout 3, and any other game you can think of. She voiced characters in Halo and Watch Dogs and covered Ubisoft's 2012 E3 press conference. That gig spurned some online hate, with people labeling her a "fake gamer" because apparently you can't look good and blow people away in Gears of War. Pick one.

Tyler bit back at the haters with a viral Facebook note titled "Dear Gamers." Featuring lines like "I've been a gamer since I made friends with a girl in the fifth grade just to get at her Atari," "I've been a gamer since ... I became dorm champ at Leisure Suit Larry," and "People ask me what console I play. Motherfu***r, ALL of them," it's clear she knows what she's talking about, and her critics don't. She ends her note with the only way to truly address people this close-minded: "I say to you respectfully, and I mean this from the bottom of my heart, GFYS."


It's hard to imagine someone as hardcore and badass as Ice-T sitting down to enjoy a nice video game. But he's as geeky as any one of us, especially when game involves popping caps in both suckas and fools.

As Kotaku reported, in 2008 Ice-T appeared on the Jace Hall Show and showed off his Call of Duty chops. As it turns out, he loves the game, has his own gamer handle ("LORD 187X"), and even owns real night goggles like the ones used in Modern Warfare 2. As for his prowess, T simply boasts that if you're playing and see his handle, "you gonna die." But he's not a one-game wonder, as he's been seen tweeting about Fallout: New Vegas's launch bugs ("It's slow... The load screens take forever.. Too much talking...It froze once...BUT I CAN'T STOP PLAYING IT!!!!") and the Medal of Honor beta ("SUCKS...the single player may be dope like Battelfeild [sic]. But the multiplayer is kinda janky.") Even his Twitter handle is chock full of gamer nerd cred: @FINALLEVEL.

Recently, he's been diving into Destiny 2 like so many others. His character in that looks exactly as you'd expect an Ice-T character to look: badass and ready to kill you.

Daniel Craig

When you play James Bond, it automatically seems weird if you have a hobby that isn't 100 percent certifiably cool. But current 007 Daniel Craig doesn't have a license to kill so much as a license to button-mash.

In a 2007 interview with Showbiz Spy (and reprinted by Wired), Craig explains the types of games he loves the most. It sounds like he prefers them as unrealistic as possible — he'll happily play Halo "because it's shooting aliens" but he can't play too much Grand Theft Auto until it makes him "feel dirty. ... I think, 'Oh yes, all right, I've stolen 18 cars. I've had enough now.'" Very few super-rich Hollywood types would have the willpower to stop at 18 cars.

Craig loves other games, too, especially ones with, as he put it, "a big fat story line." He doesn't get to play all the time, though, being a busy movie star and all, but even he admits that's probably a good thing. "It's just as well I don't have much spare time or I would probably fritter it away playing computer games," he says, though if Halo 3 ever comes out, maybe just find a new Bond and let him be.

The Green Bay Packers

During the 2015 season, over a dozen members of the Green Bay Packers were shown to regularly play The Settlers of Catan tabletop board game as a big group whenever they're off the gridiron (because playing it on the field would be dangerous). Some of the Packers who play Catan include quarterback Scott Tolzien, left tackle David Bakhtiari and most of the team's offensive line.

Luckily, the Cheeseheads were able to dominate both the NFC North and Catan in 2015. Whether future teams keep up with the Catan tradition remains to be seen, though if it ever comes out that quarterback Aaron Rodgers is hardcore into Skyrim, give that man all the Super Bowls.