Bill Clinton's IQ Might Surprise You

Bill Clinton, the 42nd President of the United States, has been a prominent figure in both modern history and popular culture (via Biography). Despite maintaining a moderate to high approval rating throughout the duration of his presidency, this iconic figure was one of only three American presidents to be impeached (via Pew Research Center). His political career was a pendulum of ups and downs, defined by times of peace and scandal.

One of the reasons Clinton received a great deal of public support even during personal tribulations like the Monica Lewinsky trial was because the economy flourished under his rule. In fact, President Clinton still holds the record for "longest economic expansion in American history" (via Clinton White House 5). Marketed to the public as an everyman with a penchant for the saxophone and a smooth, easy demeanor, one might wonder how someone ordinary managed such an extraordinary feat in regards to economic stability.

As it turns out, President Clinton was far from average when it comes to intelligence. In regards to IQ, the intelligence quotient score, President Clinton ranks in the top five of all United States presidents (via Reader's Digest).

Former President Bill Clinton's IQ is 159

According to Reader's Digest, Ivy League school graduate and national leader Bill Clinton was a cut above the rest with his IQ. At a whopping 159 points even, he has the fifth-highest IQ of all the presidents in United States history. Perhaps it was his intellect that kept the economy afloat, even as his personal strife was destroying both his reputation and career. But do you think his IQ played a pivotal role in getting him from a seat in the classroom to a podium at the White House?

Interestingly enough, a newly released study suggests that IQ only plays a minor role in career advancement and success — about 1-2% to be exact (via The Independent). According to the paper, personality is actually a much greater predictor of future successes. As you can see, it takes a lot of smarts to run a country, but also a great deal of swagger to get elected in the first place. Clearly, this president had both assets in spades.