What We Know About Adam's Oldest Daughter, Luluwa

When it comes to Biblical figures, most people know the names Adam and Eve and the story of two of their sons, Cain and Abel. The tale, of course, tragically ended with the death of Abel and Cain killing his own brother, per Bible Gateway. But God's first man and woman had other children, and aside from another son named Seth, most of them are not named (via Learn Religions). Still, the Bible says that Adam lived very long and had a lot of children.

For the sake of humanity (literally), these sons would get married and also have children. But who else were they to have children with if not women they were also related to? While Luluwa is not in the Bible, nor is she mentioned by name, it is highly believed that she was the first daughter and also happened to be Abel's wife.

The Bible does state that Cain is the firstborn son, and he was birthed along with a female twin whose name is never mentioned. Meanwhile, Abel is the second-born son and was also born with a twin sister.

Who is Luluwa?

The story begins in the Book of Genesis, which explains the beginning of humanity (via Overview Bible). According to some accounts, which point to the fact that Cain did not come into the world alone, Luluwa was the first female conceived by Adam and Eve. Some of this is discussed in "The Forgotten Books of Eden," a work that further explores the lives of the first humans (via Sacred Texts).

Based on this, we know that Luluwa was Adam and Eve's eldest female child and was born with Cain, who is her twin brother. She married her other brother, Abel, but after his death remarried. The Bible also says that Cain gets married after killing his brother, but it does not specifically name Luluwa. However, it is highly believed that she was the unnamed wife he married (via Blue Letter Bible). According to Sacred Texts, Luluwa means "beautiful."