Movies Based On The Bible Coming Out In 2022 And Beyond

As audiences return to theaters across the country, Christian-themed and Bible-based movies are also making a strong comeback, with a schedule of both theatrical and streaming releases extending all throughout 2022 and beyond. Some of these Christian films set to come out are simply faith-based, telling important stories of how Christianity affects the lives of everyday people. One 2022 movie in particular, though, is the highly-anticipated sequel to perhaps the most notable Bible movie ever released, and it's based on the life and death of Jesus Christ himself.

Bible movies aren't just an important means for Christians to explore their faith and share their stories, either. They're also quite lucrative: affordably produced, and with loyal followings within already-established audiences of all ages willing to pay to see the narratives on screens large and small, according to Faith Driven Investor. Regardless of why someone might be interested in the upcoming Bible movies in 2022 and beyond, a quick look at five of the most notable proves the months and years ahead have a lot to offer for those interested in the genre.

Redeeming Love

The first notable bible movie anticipated in 2022 is "Redeeming Love," expected January 22. According to Evangelical Focus, the movie is an adaptation of a popular Christian novel of the same name. It's directed by D.J. Caruso ("The Shield") and stars Abigail Cowen ("Fate: The Winx Saga"). Set in the California Gold Rush of the 1850s, "Redeeming Love" is a love story that's loosely based on the Old Testament's Book of Hosea (via Herald Dispatch).

Cowen plays Angel, a sex worker seeking a second chance, which she finds through Michael Hosea, played by Tom Lewis. She's surprised and uncertain when Hosea pays to spend time with her, yet refrains from physically consummating the relationship. Through Angel, Michael finds God's true meaning, and Angel learns to trust men again after traumatic experiences in the past. It's a romantic story with strong Christian themes teaching the value of unconditional love, despite heartbreak and betrayal.

The Unbreakable Boy

Written and directed by Jon Gunn ("The Jesus Music"), "The Unbreakable Boy" is a film adaptation of the popular 2014 book "The Unbreakable Boy: A Father's Fear, a Son's Courage, and a Story of Unconditional Love," written by Scott M. LeRette and Susy Flory. With powerful Christian subject matter, the movie tells the story of a father and his son, who lives with autism and a rare bone condition. Throughout the movie, the boy's father learns important lessons through faith — among them, how to face adversity — as well as understanding his son's own relentless optimism and indomitable spirit.

According to the film's website, "Unbreakable Boy" is set to come out March 18, 2022 from Kingdom Story Company, a leading Christian film producer, and it stars Zachary Levi ("Shazam!") in the role of the father, and Jacob Laval ("The Plot Against America") as his son. Patricia Heaton, from TV's "Everybody Loves Raymond," also appears in the film. Director Jon Gunn is also known for his work on "I Still Believe," the true story of Christian musician Jeremy Camp.

The Mulligan

Also tentatively set to be released in spring of 2022 is "The Mulligan." Starring none other than the acclaimed pop singer Pat Boone, "The Mulligan" is a golf movie with Christian themes that's all about second chances, according to Christian Film Blog. In the movie, Eric Close ("Nashville") plays a businessman at the end of his rope who gets a shot at redemption through his Christian father, and when he meets an old golf pro named Old Pro, played by Boone.

The movie is based on a well-known book of the same name, and it's directed by Michael O. Sajbel (via IMDb). The writer credits also include Ken Blanchard, known as a business consultant and motivational speaker (via Box Office Revolution). The movie was shot at The Currahee Club in North Georgia, and well-known sports broadcaster Jim Nantz makes an appearance in the film, meaning it's a must-see for both sports fans and the Christian faithful alike (via PR Newswire).

Family Camp

Produced by Provident Films, one of the most prominent faith-based movie studios in the business, "Family Camp" is also expected sometime early 2022. Starring Tommy Woodard ("The Glory of Christmas") and Eddie James ("Super Dads"), "Family Camp" tells the story of two fathers who couldn't be less alike. When they meet while camping with their families and forced to sleep in the same close quarters, they choose to compete for the camp trophy. Through that experience, Woodard and James learn the power of family, repairing their rocky marriages and their relationships with their own children.

Billed as a "Skit Guys Movie," referring to the on-stage comedy duo of Woodard and James, known for addressing Christian themes in a positive context, "Family Camp" also stars Leigh-Allyn Baker ("Charmed"). The movie is directed by Brian Cates, known for producing "Where was God?" in 2014, among other notable projects, according to IMDb. It's the first feature-length film from the popular comedy duo.

The Passion of the Christ: The Resurrection

Perhaps the most highly-anticipated Bible movie releases in 2022, however, is "The Passion of the Christ: The Resurrection." The film is the sequel to 2004's "The Passion of the Christ," directed by Mel Gibson, telling the first part of the story of Christ's crucifixion, including Jesus' capture by the Romans and his agonizing experience on the cross. In a 2016 appearance on "The Late Show with Stephen Colbert" (posted on YouTube), Gibson revealed the plot of the new movie, which follows Christ throughout the three days following crucifixion, when it is said he spent time in hell before leading up to the point of his return on Earth. Gibson is, in fact, planning a trilogy based on the life of Christ, but a timeline for the third installment of "The Passion of the Christ" has yet to be announced.

The script for the much-anticipated second movie, however, has been in development since 2016, according to Cinema Blend, and Gibson will return to helm the production, with Jim Caviezel ("Person of Interest") reprising the role of Jesus. Screenwriter Randall Wallace also worked with Gibson on "Braveheart" and "We Were Soldiers."

These, of course, are just five releases Christian movie fans are most excited to see in 2022 and beyond. Other Christian-themed films to look forward to include "On a Wing and Prayer," "Peace River," and "The Hail Mary," according to Box Office Revolution.