What Jake Harris From Deadliest Catch Is Doing Now

The popular Discovery Channel reality series "Deadliest Catch" provides a glimpse into the lives of commercial fishermen. Set in the icy waters off the coast of Alaska, the show follows fishing teams as they work on their boat, as well as their life on dry land. One such team was helmed by Phil Harris, who debuted in the show's second season in 2010, according to Outsider. Harris died soon after suffering a stroke sustained while he brought in his catch. The experience profoundly affected his sons, Josh and Jake Harris.

Referring to his father's death, Jake Harris told People that he never expected his father would die so soon. While growing up, the younger Harris had many deep conversations with his father about the business of finishing. Now that Phil Harris was gone, it was time for his sons to take over the family business. From that point forward, Jake and Josh Harris played a prominent part in the series. But then after just a few seasons, and despite his popularity among fans, Jake Harris disappeared. That left "Deadliest Catch" followers wondering.

Jake Harris' struggles were a part of the show

Producers of Deadliest Catch did not try to hide the fact Jake Harris struggled with substance use issues. Once in charge of his dad's crab fishing boat, and in the midst of grieving his father, those challenges worsened for Harris. In an earlier season, before he became a main character, Harris opened up about his opiate use to his dad. He had injured himself as a boy while skateboarding, and to manage the pain he became dependent on opiates. In the show, Harris said to his father (via Republic World), "It's hard to admit to one of your heroes in life you need help." By the end of Season 6, Jake Harris checked into rehab.

In Season 8, both Josh and Jake (above) returned to the series, but this time, manning different boats. By the end of that season, Jake Harris appeared to be once more in the throes of addiction. He was arrested for DUI in 2010 (via TMZ). He'd also been robbed and beaten. When the series returned in 2013, and without much explanation, Jake Harris was abruptly gone. 

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Jake Harris was arrested in 2017

A few years later, Jake Harris showed up once more in the headlines — this time with a mugshot. In 2017, the former reality TV star was arrested in Arizona for stealing a car from a female companion and in possession of illegal substances. Jake Harris was charged with one count of felony theft and two counts of felony drug possession (per TMZ). This was just the first high-profile post-TV career run-in with the law for Jake Harris. The second had much more serious consequences.

In 2019, Jake Harris was sentenced to prison in Washington State for once more driving under the influence and for intent to manufacture and distribute heroin, according to Oxygen. His arrest came after a police chase. Once apprehended, Jake Harris did not cooperate with the officers. Also found in the motorhome where Harris was living was a shotgun linked with several burglaries which Harris was not involved in. It was later found the motor home itself was stolen before it was purchased by Harris. After serving time for those charges, Harris was once more arrested in 2021 for DUI and for driving with a suspended or revoked license, among other infractions, as Fox News explains.

Jake Harris made appearances in a Deadliest Catch spin-off before a bomb dropped

Following his 2021 setbacks, there are now signs Jake Harris is turning his life around. He briefly appeared on Season 16 of "Deadliest Catch," prior to his 2019 arrest and subsequent jail sentence, and started working on boats with his brother Josh, the focus of a Harris-family-themed spin-off of "Deadliest Catch" called "Deadliest Catch: Bloodline," which premiered in 2020 on the Discovery Channel (via IMDb). Per Distractify, Jake was in the first episode of Season 2 and a couple of episodes in Season 3.

But Jake's future on the show is uncertain after Josh was fired from the series in September 2022. News surfaced that in 1998 Josh was accused of sexually assaulting a 4-year-old girl when he was 15 or 16. CinemaBlend says that charges weren't filed until 1999, and Josh pled guilty to "assault 4 and immoral communication with a minor," which were more minor charges compared to the accusations. He served nine months and took a "psychosexual exam" as part of his sentence. 

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Jake Harris started his own family

Regardless of what happens with Jake Harris' part in "Deadliest Catch" life looks to be on an upturn for the embattled fisherman. According to his Facebook page, he is in a relationship and the couple had a daughter named Tru in December 2021. From his posts and those of his partner, he is a very hands-on father and enamored with his baby. 

He posted in January 2022, "Baby Tru is the most gorgeous baby I have ever seen, I know that parents are always saying their kid is the cutest but this child is special. She takes my breath away." In another post from February 2023, he posted a photo of himself and his daughter smiling and wrote, "She looks like dad huh? Pretty funny. She is much prettier though. Lol." Commenters agree that both Jake and Tru resemble his late father, Phil Harris. In January 2023 Jake posted that he and his partner are working on a new clothing line, writing,"... A lot of blood sweat and tears went into it and it's very personal to me."