John Quincy Adams Had This Unusual Morning Habit

Famous figures are often highly regarded and idolized. While they may have had the job titles that earned them the chance to be in those categories, in reality, these people are just everyday folks like the rest of us. Presidents are also included in that list. Like everyone else, they have quirks and traits that might register as unusual to some people. In fact, a lot of presidents personally enjoyed a few weird things.

President John Quincy Adams was one of them. Yet, the sixth American president had a quirk that particularly set him apart from the others.

Born to John and Abigail Adams in Braintree, Massachusetts, John Quincy Adams was the first president with a father who was also a president (via White House). He was also a student of Harvard University and became a lawyer afterward. But then he decided to go into politics, and this decision eventually led to the presidency. He served in the White House from 1825 to 1829. After his term, he stayed in politics as a congressman. Adams would die while giving a speech on the floor of the House after having a stroke in 1848 (via House Archives). By all accounts, he seemed like a normal politician, so what was unusual about him?

He did this every morning?

John Quincy Adams was a swimmer. As president, if the weather was decent enough, he would go for a swim, says White House History. Swimming as a hobby is a normal thing, but Adams took his love for the waters a step further. Per HuffPost, Adams would do the deed totally nude. His preferred waters of choice was the Potomac River. He got into the habit of waking up at the crack of dawn removing his clothes and placing them on a rock, and then going for a swim naked. He found the routine to be therapeutic and a healthy practice, per Massachusetts Historical Society.

In 1825, Adams described a boating accident that could've taken the life of himself, his son, and his personal assistant. The incident left him shaken, yet undeterred, as he later insisted he'd only prioritize his health and physical activity afterward.

Adams had the right mind. Per Health Digest, there are a lot of physical and mental health benefits to swimming in your birthday suit.