The Truth About Willie Nelson Smoking Pot On The White House Roof

Singer-songwriter Willie Nelson is most well-known for his decades-long music career where he has cemented himself as a country music legend. Second to that, he is probably most well-known for his favorite pastime. Nelson has never been shy about his enthusiasm for smoking marijuana, and according to Rolling Stone, he once found the most spectacular place to light one up: the roof of the White House.

The story first broke in his 1988 autobiography titled "Willie: An Autobiography," describing how he smoked a joint on the White House roof during the Jimmy Carter administration. Back in the days when legalization was a long way away, one might think that smoking weed in one of the highest security buildings in the world might cause just a bit of anxiety, but according to Nelson, he was much more concerned with how he was going to get off the roof than getting caught by Secret Service.

Nelson smoked with Carter's son

In that autobiography, Nelson claimed that he had some company for his rooftop smoke session, a White House employee (via People). However, decades later, the true identity of that worker was revealed by none other than President Carter himself. Carter admitted that it was actually one of his sons, James "Chip" Carter, who offered to share his joint with the country music icon. Nelson, who was invited to stay overnight by the president, hid Chip's identity in his autobiography to save the Carter family from the bad press it would have no doubt received. It also explains why the Secret Service was willing to turn a blind eye to Nelson lighting up a fat one.

With recreational marijuana becoming legal in more states every year, smoking on or in the White House likely won't be as much of a potential scandal as it was when Willie Nelson shared a joint with the president's son. Still, it's a testament to the rock 'n' roll lifestyle of the music legend, who certainly can say that he's lived quite a unique life.