The Highest Rated MythBusters Episode According To IMDb

"MythBusters" was a long-running non-fiction television favorite, where the duo of Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage test out urban legends, household hacks, and campfire tales to see if there's any credibility or science behind them. The interesting experiments, approachable take on science and engineering, and general charm of its hosts made it a cable mainstay throughout the 2000s, with a revival in the latter half of the 2010s. It was this later run of the show that produced its highest-rated episodes, according to IMDb.

"Duct Tape Power Hour," which originally aired June 17, 2017, sits atop the "MythBusters" ratings throne, with an average rating of 8.9. According to the episode's IMDb page, "Duct Tape Power Hour" is a look back at the popular experiments featuring duct tape throughout the original run of the show, along with answering questions from viewers. The combination of watching classic "MythBusters" clips with new insight from the host obviously proved popular with fans.

Other duct tape episodes were popular, too

Judging by the rest of the highest-rated episodes, it seems that the episodes from the late 2010s proved hugely popular with fans. The top five rated episodes all came from 2015 or later, with the runner-up to "Duct Tape Power Hour" also sharing a similar theme: "Return to Duct Tape Island." Like the No. 1 episode, this one is a look back at some of their duct tape experiments, particularly the "Duct Tape Island" episode, while again answering questions from fans (via IMDb). This one is rated higher than the original "Duct Tape Island" episode, with an average rating of 8.7, compared to 8.0.

Another highly rated episode came in 2007 with "Exploding Water Heater," tied for fifth with 2015's "Flights of Fancy" at 8.3. Though many shows have run out of steam or creative energy as time goes on, the team behind "Mythbusters" was a pretty overwhelming and continuing success.