Jim Morrison Was Once Saved By A Group Of Nuns. Here's What Happened

Some stories seem too good to be true. But when unexpected or fascinating things happen, it just hammers home the statement, "Truth is stranger than fiction." This is one of those cases.

Imagine if you will, a group of nuns coming across a famous rock star who is in dire need of help. This is not the opening scene of a movie — it really happened. The scenario involved Jim Morrison of The Doors, who passed out on stage during a 1968 concert in Amsterdam during the band's 17-day European tour. Per Doors History, Morrison and members of Jefferson Airplane spent the day before the show walking around the city where several drugs were legal, and fans were giving the band members various kinds of intoxicants. Morrison accepted the hand-outs, but rather than save them for later, he took them all as they were given to him. By the time of the concert, he was not in a good state.

According to Louder Sound, Morrison became even worse when he got a lump of hash from a member of Canned Heat. In keeping with his earlier behavior, he swallowed the entire thing. He later passed out on stage where started dancing during Jefferson Airplane's opening set. Naturally, he needed medical attention, but his saviors were not the kind of women he was used to. They were nuns. 

This is not nun-sense. It really happened

Jim Morrison was taken to a hospital that was run by nuns. Apparently Morrison was bemused and somewhat embarrassed by the whole thing. This was a man who practically oozed sexuality and he was surrounded by women who had taken lifelong vows of chastity. Who knows if they even batted an eye at him? 

Louder Sound reported that a Morrison's friend Babe Hill said, "Jim told a funny story about that because these nuns knew what he had done and why he was in there. They're in there changing his linen and not allowing him any privacy," Hill said.

The nuns tended to him and then he was sent on his way, where he would only live for another three years, dying in 1971 in France at the age of 27, per Biography. If his life flashed before his eyes before he died, this time with the nuns surely was one of those scenes.