The Mystery Surrounding Jim Morrison's Old Mustang, The Blue Lady

Jim Morrison, the late frontman of The Doors and rock-and-roll legend, led a true rockstar life that still captures the imaginations of many music fans to this day. To contribute to Morrison's mysterious, larger-than-life persona was his car: a 1967 Ford Shelby GT500, lovingly dubbed "The Blue Lady" (via Hagerty). After Morrison's death at the age of 27, The Blue Lady seems to have vanished, and over half-a-century later, no one is quite sure what happened to it.

Morrison had a passion for filmmaking, and made an experimental film titled "HWY: An American Pastoral," starring him and his beloved Shelby. The car was a gift from a record label president after "Light My Fire" topped the charts and sent The Doors into international stardom. The car was specially upgraded and Morrison was in love, continuously adding new parts and pieces for function and decoration and never buying another car, even with the considerable funds that came from his successful career. So what exactly happened to The Blue Lady?

Many theories exist about the car

According to Street Muscle, several theories exist over the exact fate of The Blue Lady. Morrison was a noted heavy drinker, and often drove drunk. Unsurprisingly, that meant he crashed his ride more than a few times, but was typically able to claim it was stolen and quietly pay off whatever damages he owed. The Blue Lady remained relatively unharmed, but something happened in the fall of 1969.

One account claims that Morrison crashed his car into a light pole, promptly went to a favorite local bar to spend the rest of the night, and returned to find The Blue Lady missing. Others attest that Morrison left it at Los Angeles International Airport while on tour, and it was towed and sold at a public auction. Others say that Morrison totaled his beloved Mustang, and it was crushed for scrap. Whatever the case, if anyone does find The Blue Lady — if it's even there to be found — it would no doubt be one of the most valuable Mustangs in the world.