Here's Who Inherited Marlon Brando's Money When He Died

Actor Marlon Brando was one of Hollywood's leading men for over half a century. As Biography notes, he was known for his iconic roles in classic films like "The Godfather" and "A Streetcar Named Desire," after which he was able to demand enormous salaries for even minor roles. But he was just as famous for his off-screen antics, as well. He made a name for himself with his life of self-indulgence, a life that included three marriages that produced just five of his 11 children. The other six came from affairs he had with a Guatemalan housekeeper and various other women over the course of his life.

Such unrivaled fame surely paid off for Brando. According to Celebrity Net Worth, his liquid assets at the time of his death in 2004 were around $23 million, but his total net worth — including assets like real estate and even his own private island in Tahiti — was around $100 million. Let's take a look into Brando's will and see who inherited his money when he died.

Marlon Brando cut an adopted child out of his will before he died

As estates of the rich and famous tend to go, the details are a bit iffy and things often get messy. It appears that Marlon Brando's will was no different. According to The Age, the iconic actor included his 11 children in his will, but made a couple of seemingly heartless cuts before he died. His assets went into a "living trust" that didn't name any specific beneficiaries beyond a couple female friends who were to receive "certain monthly payments."

Brando did, however, make sure to name names when it came to who would not be receiving any of his hard-earned dough. A couple years before his death, he cut an adopted daughter who was 32 years old at the time, as well as a teenage grandson, from his will. But, living up to the mystery that surrounded him in life, Brando did not give any reasons as to why he wanted to cut these people out of his will.