The Mysterious Death Of Brian Foguth Explained

Around 2 a.m. in late November 1994, an unnamed individual entered the Duke and Duchess convenience store and gas station in Brimfield, Ohio, only to find it completely unattended. Alarmed, he called the police, who arrived a short time later, per Unsolved Mysteries. In a back area of the store, authorities found the body of Kent State student Brian Foguth, shot dead.

In a cruel twist of fate, Foguth was not even supposed to be working at the store that night, but was covering a shift when he was killed. The harrowing events leading to the unsolved murder of Brian Foguth were recorded on a security camera. Nevertheless, his death remains a mystery. Unbelievably, the customer who called the police after finding the store empty was filling his gas tank throughout the sequence of events. Per Unsolved Mysteries, he didn't hear or see a thing until it was too late.

There was a robbery

As the security footage revealed, the man who killed Brian Foguth entered the Duke and Duchess convenience store a little after 2 a.m., forcing Foguth into a back area of the store, per Unsolved Mysteries. Foguth was forced to hand over cash to the assailant while also managing to trigger a silent alarm. When the customer who would end up calling the police pulled into the station, he triggered a beeping sound the robber thought was an alarm, causing him to panic. A scuffle ensued.

It was at this point when Brain Foguth was killed by a single bullet, but not before possibly injuring his assailant in the face, according to police (per Unsolved Mysteries). It's believed that the murderer was a white man, between 18 and 30 years old, and approximately 5'9". He may have also been disfigured in his back and neck area, according to police, but that may have also been due to a ponytail he was trying to conceal when the crime was committed. Brian Foguth's killer has never been found.