Weirdest Laws In Texas

You've probably read about some strange laws that certain states or municipalities have enacted in the past. Whether it's a law against hunting for whales in Oklahoma or a city ordinance against carrying a fishbowl full of water on a bus in Seattle (via Weird Facts), you can be sure that there are levels of weirdness that know no human-made or geographical boundaries. A study of the law will eventually lead the researcher to conclude that there are some really messed up legislation throughout all levels of government. 

As states will occasionally do a revision of their laws, some of these legal oddities have been written away over time. But there are still a good amount out there that leave us scratching our heads.

With its reputation for rugged individualism, you might think that a state like Texas would be lacking when it came to weird laws. Not so, according to our research. In fact, Texas has some of the most bizarre laws on the books. Let's take a closer look at some of the weirdest laws still enforceable in the Lone Star State.

You need permission to milk your neighbor's cow

Statewide, Texas legislatures from generations past have enacted some real weirdness that was supposed to be enforced throughout the state. For instance, you are supposedly not legally allowed to tuck your jeans into your boots unless you own more than 10 cattle (via Stupid Laws). It's also possibly a felony offense to pursue someone about employment.

Blind folks who have always wanted to hunt are given a chance in Texas. In the Lone Star State, the blind or partially sighted are allowed to legally hunt, so long as they are accompanied by a person who has good eyesight. You might be tempted to milk your neighbor's cow, but you had better get their permission first. Doing so without your neighbor's consent can result in a fine (via Our Community Now).

There's an old state law that makes it a punishable offense to show up to a church in a disguise. If you are thinking about selling one of your eyes in Texas, you had better reconsider. Profiting from the sale of your eye, heart, lung, or any other organ within the boundaries of the state is punishable by law.

Atheists are barred from holding public office in Texas. In order to be eligible for an elected position, you have to acknowledge the existence of a supreme being (via Stupid Laws). 

Texas banned Encyclopedia Britannica

Throughout the state, you'll also find that there are legal consequences for shooting a buffalo from a hotel window. But only if you are on the second floor or higher (per Stupid Laws). Texas will also legally recognize your marriage if you announce your marriage in a public place three or more times. 

Thankfully, recent revisions to the legal code at the state level have eliminated at least some of the weird laws. While it was considered illegal to possess at one time, Texas residents can now own a set of Encyclopedia Britannica. This was against the law for years, as this encyclopedia contained instructions for how to brew your own beer (via Our Community Now).

Another beer law that has since been repealed concerns how you drink your beverage while standing up. It used to be unlawful to take more than three sips of beer while on your feet.

Drunks are force-fed castor oil in Alamo

For the weirdest laws, you really have to take a long look at some of the ordinances passed by local governments throughout the state. Stupid Laws tells us that in College Station, a restraining order against a person is trumped if the person the order is issued against receives an invitation from a third party. 

In the town of Kingsville, two pigs are forbidden in engaging in sex on airport property. And in Corpus Christie, you can find yourself in violation of a local law if you are caught breeding alligators in your own home. 

Should you be caught intoxicated in the city of Alamo, be prepared to drink some castor oil. An ordinance here will force you to ingest a large dose of this liquid, which is to be administered by a doctor. And you had better hold it in. Vomiting will make you subject to a hefty fine.

A law in Temple will allow you to ride your horse into the local saloon. No mention of bringing it onto the dance floor, however. An old law in Temple calls for cattle thieves to be hung on the spot. According to HG Legal Resources, you can find yourself the recipient of a steep fine if you are caught flirting in the city of San Antonio. 

Don't land a plane on the beach in Galveston

In the town of Port Arthur, you'd better not break wind in the elevator. An ordinance was passed that makes doing so an offense punishable by a fine (per Stupid Laws). In the community of Mesquite, children are not allowed to have unusual haircuts. Should you find yourself in the small town of Harker Heights, be sure you don't interrupt a church service by swearing or using profanity. Might end up in the city jail for that. 

As far as weird city laws go, Galveston seems to have the lion's share of them. City ordinances here prohibit landing aircraft on the beach. Tossing anything from aircraft over the city is equally forbidden. You're also not allowed to sit down on a sidewalk. Offenders of this one might have to pay up to $500 in fines (via HG Legal Resources). 

This city also criminalized making obscene gestures. You're also not allowed to drive a motor vehicle down Broadway Street before noon on Sundays. And if you are planning on getting drunk in any city park, you can only legally do so if you have permission from the park director (per Stupid Laws). 

Bicycles can be ridden, but not at excessive speeds. Galveston city officials also made it against the law for anyone to take a whiff of glue.

Most of these laws aren't enforced

As you can see, the state of Texas still has myriad laws, both local and statewide, that still fit into the category of "weird." It could be argued that each of these laws fit a specific purpose at one time, however, the fact that some are still on the books lends for a humorous pause. The vast majority of these laws would be a comical event if they were attempted to be enforced. All it takes is an overzealous peace officer and one cranky judge, and before you know it, you're paying a fine for flirting in a public place. After all, the law is the law, right?

So before you decide to throw confetti in the town of Borger (per Only in Your State), carry wire cutters in your pockets while walking around the city of Austin (via Stupid Laws), or wear a "lewd" dress in El Paso, remember that ignorance of the law, no matter how weird, is no excuse.