Weirdest Laws In Kansas

When researching the law from state to state, you will certainly stumble across some that range from eccentric to downright wild. Whether it's a law that keeps a person from breeding rats in the city of Billings, Montana, or a state law in Vermont that requires a woman to have a signed permission slip from her husband in order to get false teeth (via Only in Your State), it's easy to see that people have gotten pretty creative with legislation.

You might not think of Kansas as a source for such weirdness. After all, the Midwest is known for its practicality and homespun wisdom. Those attributes hardly lend to a culture of weirdness.

Yet, you'll find that this state, secured in the middle of the nation's heartland, is home to some of the weirdest laws we were able to find. Read on to discover some many weird laws that make Kansas a unique place to call home.

There's a state law forbidding shooting rabbits from a boat

Statewide, you'll find plenty of weird laws that have come out of the legislature in the capital city of Topeka. For instance, the hunting of whales within the state is supposedly forbidden by law (via Stupid Laws). For some reason, lawmakers decided to pass a law prohibiting placing ice cream on top of cherry pie in Kansas.

Are you considering a career in chicken thievery? Be forewarned that the state of Kansas requires all chicken thieves to practice their trade during daylight hours only. Those who might be taking a walk along a highway at night must carry some legally required equipment. State law makes pedestrians wear tail lights if they are going to walk along or cross any major roadway.

There are a lot of ways to catch a fish. But in Kansas, it's illegal for anyone to catch fish with their bare hands. Hunting rabbits is perfectly legal in Kansas. But you will find yourself in some legal trouble if you shoot these creatures from a motorboat. Another weird hunting law makes it unlawful for anyone to use mules to hunt ducks or any other waterfowl. 

Weird Facts tells us that you should be careful when accelerating your vehicle in the state. Screeching your tires or laying rubber can result in a fine of up to $500.

No screaming at haunted houses

As weird as some of the state laws are in Kansas, it's the local governments that really win the gold medal for bizarre laws. The city of Topeka, which is also the state capital, is home to some REALLY strange laws. For example, a local law reportedly makes screaming at a haunted house a punishable offense (per Stupid Laws). Another law makes it illegal to drive a herd of cattle through a city street. 

If you are planning on dragging a dead deer around, better check your location. Doing so on Kansas Avenue will purportedly get you fined. And dragging dead chickens on any city street might get you a summons.

All wine drinkers that entertain have probably been in a situation where you've run short of proper glassware and have resorted to serving your favorite white or red in another glass. But in Topeka, there's supposedly a law that forbids serving wine in teacups.

Local officials have also banned snowball fights and spitting on city sidewalks and stairwells (via Weird Facts). And if you are planning on singing or whistling on the streets after sundown, maybe reconsider, so you can potentially avoid punishment.

No lewd phone talk in Wichita

Wichita is no stranger to weird laws, either. Home to the state's largest population (via World Atlas), this municipality really runs the gamut of weird when it comes to law. A great example of this is the requirement of a city permit to remove any dirt from the local airport. Or a really Puritanical law that makes it illegal to make lewd statements or comments over the telephone. Weird Facts tells us that such an offense could send someone to jail for up to one year. 

The use of "bean snappers" will get you a fine, as will dumping your garbage into the city swimming pools. While the latter law is probably a great idea, it makes one wonder what might have happened in Wichita to result in lawmakers being so specific. And an old law reportedly required those traveling through the intersections of Douglas and Broadway to exit their vehicle and fire three rounds from a gun into the air (via Stupid Laws).

Mules must wear straw hats in the streets

Stupid Laws tells of how some of the smaller communities in Kansas have their fair share of weird laws. If you are looking for some small-town legal oddities, look no further than Derby, Kansas. Here, you'll supposedly find it against local law to ride an animal down a city street, or to strike a vending machine, even if it has stolen your money. According to Weird Facts, riding a mule down the city streets of Lang is only allowed if the animal is wearing a straw hat. 

The University Daily Kansan points out that anyone in Lawrence wearing a bee in their hat is potentially guilty of a municipal offense. This publication further informs that the small town of Russell will fine you for having a musical car horn, and that throwing knives at men in striped suits is illegal.

The small city of Wellington goes so far as to limit the number of cats one might have indoors. The powers that be here purportedly set this number to no more than four.

The ever evolving legal system

No matter how weird a law might sound today, there was more than likely a great reason behind why it was passed. Keep in mind that the vast majority of the laws and ordinances mentioned in this article date back to the earliest days of when these communities were first incorporated. And the world was a different place back then. 

What is relevant in identifying weird laws that are still on the books is the very idea that our law codes should be reviewed, revised, and updated every so often. After all, it's hard to imagine someone even wanting to drive a herd of cattle down the middle of Wannamaker Road in Topeka, but you can bet that at one time this could have been a problem. 

Cultures grow and evolve over time, and so do the laws that govern them. Until the changes in the legal code happen, at least there's humor in seeing some of these weird laws possibly still in force in Kansas.