The Truth About Jimmy Carter's Work With Habitat For Humanity

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has been involved in much more than politics. Even after his presidency ended, he's found ways to stay busy, from teaching Sunday School at a church in Georgia to volunteering for humanitarian work. One thing he's been particularly dedicated to is working with Habitat for Humanity. The nonprofit housing organization has built and repaired thousands of homes worldwide, and Carter has been an active volunteer for decades (via Reader's Digest).

Carter has worked on more than 4,300 homes across 14 countries through Habitat for Humanity. The work has put him alongside celebrities like Brad Pitt and Garth Brooks, but he also works alongside everyday volunteers and inmates who help with the projects. Habitat for Humanity lists 35 projects that happened as a result of an initiative from Carter and his wife, Rosalynn, called the Carter Work Projects. The weeklong events usually take place in a new location once every year but have been suspended due to the ongoing pandemic.

The Carters do more than just build houses

Jimmy Carter started working with Habitat for Humanity more than 30 years ago. Despite being in his 90s now, he's continued volunteering. Carter even assisted on a project the day after a fall that resulted in a hospital trip and stitches, according to The Hill. Their work isn't just confined to the U.S., either. Projects the Carters have worked on span the entire globe, including locations like Haiti, Thailand, and South Africa. He told Reader's Digest that his favorite build was a project in India he worked on in 2006.

But the builds aren't the only thing the Carters do to help. According to Habitat for Humanity, Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter also assist with fundraisers and advocate for improving housing access, and this volunteering runs in the family. While Carter was growing up, his mother volunteered with the Peace Corps and did work in her own community to improve health and security.