What We Know About Emma Stone's Ghost Encounters

Actors and actresses often play figures from the past. So it's perhaps unsurprising that an actress like Emma Stone who is known for convincing portrayals of the real-life and imagined characters in movies like "The Help," and "The Favourite," would be inclined to believe there's much left unexplained about the spiritual world (per IMDb.) In 2014, the superstar actress appeared on "Late Night with David Letterman" to promote her most recent role in a movie, and while doing so, explained a ghostly encounter that's equal parts creepy and sweet.

Per Ghosts and Gravestones there's not just one kind of ghost visitation. There's ectoplasm or ecto mist (think Slimer from "Ghostbusters") but also poltergeists or spirits with the power to make noises and move objects. There are also just orbs, hovering lights, and funnel ghosts that manifest in a sensation of cold for those who are visited. The most commonly-reported kind of ghost sighting is called "the interactive personality," according to Ghosts and Gravestone. This was the kind of experience had by Emma Stone.

Unusual gifts

The movie that Stone was promoting on David Letterman was Woody Allen's latest film at the time, "Magic in the Moonlight," in which Stone plays a spiritual medium that may or not be a phony. Underscoring the supernatural tone in the movie, Letterman asked Stone if she had any otherworldly experiences, and she explained that she had, and that the spirit in question was her very own grandfather, whom she never met, as People reports. She discussed how the spirit of her grandfather chose appear for her.

According to Stone, her late grandfather's spirit started mysteriously leaving her quarters, as Bustle reports. "There's a long family history with quarters...my grandfather leaves quarters. It's just amazing," she said. Stone did add that her belief in her grandfather's ghost visitation amounts to an article of faith, and when it's all said and done, that's sufficient for her. "It's not a logical thing, it's magical," she said (via People).