Bud Light's Super Bowl 2022 Commercial Features A Legendary Voice

The Super Bowl has once again brought fresh advertisements to viewers — and, this year, reintroduced an old song from a notable celebrity. The spot was a commercial for Bud Light NEXT, a new offering from the company known for both its beer and countless memorable Super Bowl ads.

The buzzy commercial shows lots of young people going about their daily lives — packed into a cramped party, staying late at work, stuck on a bad date. In each vignette, though, the people onscreen break through walls and cubicles in order to "get out" because (it's implied) they "gotta leave this place" as the famous singer's lyrics go. 

According to CNN, it's possible that Bud Light is hoping to catch the eyes of Generation Z, who were born between 1997-2012, and many of whom have recently turned 21, the legal U.S. drinking age. The beverage is 4% alcohol by volume and made with rice, natural flavors, and malted barley. The website notes that the new beverage is a beer, not a hard seltzer.

A classic star -- and inspiring song

The Bud Light NEXT 2022 Super Bowl commercial is called "Zero In the Way of Possibility." It took a 60-second slot during the first half of the game between the Los Angeles Rams and the Cincinnati Bengals and already made waves on Twitter with at least one tweet calling it the "best part of the Super Bowl." And though the catchy song "Gotta Move" is featured in the 2022 commercial lineup, it was actually released six decades ago. 

This Barbra Streisand classic was first released on "The Second Barbra Streisand Album," which hit shelves in August 1963. According to Broadway World (some folks who should know about Barbra), speculation is that, despite the decades between its release and use in the Bud Light ad, the tune was likely chosen for its associations with positivity, breaking free from tradition, and forging a new path