The Conspiracy Theory That Says Britney Spears Worked For George W. Bush

From her 1999 debut album "...Baby One More Time" onward, the only thing to match pop singer Britney Spears' ability to produce chart-topping hits was her uncanny knack for capturing tabloid headlines (via AllMusic). That was particularly true in the early 2000s when a number of personal and public incidents overshadowed the singer's success, as Vice reports. Around that same time there was another notable public figure who had his hands full with scandal management: President George W. Bush. Many of Spears' most notable moments of mayhem coincidentally happened right before many Bush administration scandals also broke.

This led some online to believe the outlandish notion that Britney Spears actually worked for George W. Bush. Early evidence of the idea that Spears was on the Bush payroll surfaced in 2007 on a website called Idolator. In their article, Idolator claims to have "proof" — and by proof, it's mostly circumstantial evidence — that Spears and George W. Bush were in cahoots, mentioning that Spears' head-shaving incident (per The U.S. Sun) happened just prior to Bush announcing news of Al Qaeda's return, among other examples (via Idolator). The evidence that the two were working in tandem only goes on from there, according to Vice.

Were Spears' controversies timed around Bush Administration scandals?

As Vice explains, there is certainly a long list of Britney Spears-related tabloid fodder that arguably could have been timed to distract attention from a number of Bush administration controversies. For example, CIA agent Valerie Plame's cover was blown by a member of the Bush administration just when Spears married Jason Alexander in Las Vegas, and just before the 2006 midterms in which the Republicans were expecting a beatdown, Spears suddenly split with then-husband Kevin Federline.

None of this provides proof of a conspiracy, of course, but could instead be explained by coincidence. It's in Spears' own words, however, that some believe they have damning evidence, and although there's absolutely no reason to believe that Britney Spears was on the government payroll during the Bush administration, one thing's for certain: She supported our 43rd president (via the Mirror). Referring to Bush, the singer said, "Honestly I think we should trust our president in every decision that he makes and we should just support that and be faithful to what happens" (via the Mirror). In the minds of some Bush-Britney-truthers, that's all the proof that they need.