The Most Ridiculous Things We've Seen In Battlefield 4

Battlefield 4 is one of those games that, even if you don't play, you always seem to hear about on the Internet. A lot of incredible stunts, kills, and maneuvers can be pulled off in the game and it's become a sort of custom among hardcore Battlefield players to try and pull off the craziest moves that the in-game engine will allow. These stunts are lovingly known as "Battlefield Moments" and have been a great way for the community to showcase their skills while flexing a bit on the Internet. Here we have some stunts that are jaw-dropping, funny, and just all-around impressive. Strap in and get ready for some ridiculousness on the battlefield.

Crazy sniper headshot

Battlefield player and YouTuber Russkhof is no stranger to stunts and trick shots, showing us some of the most elite-level gameplay around. In this video, he gets a crazy, long-range headshot with his sniper rifle. "No big deal, anyone can get a sniper rifle headshot," you might say, but what makes this particular shot special is the fact that it comes from an extremely long range. He even gets a Marksman Bonus of 1,861 points, a bonus that's based on meters. The fact that he was able to get a headshot on a dude who was basically a pixel on his screen is mind-blowing. And yes, pun intended.

Jet swap

One of the coolest features that helps the Battlefield series stand out when it comes to military first-person shooter games is its inclusion of vehicles. Whether you're a fan of land, air, or sea, you'll find a sweet ride waiting for you in game. A lot of players like to take to the skies and rain death upon their enemies with guns and missiles, swooping down like metallic birds of prey. In this video, we see Stun_gravy using his piloting and shooting skills to great effect as he not only escapes death, but gets a sweet kill and a new ride out of it.

From the description, it seems as if Stun_gravy has an enemy solider locked on to his jet from the ground and also has an enemy jet pursuing him. So, facing certain death, he does the only sensible thing he can think of and bails out of his jet in order to shoot his pursuer and then manages to steal the dude's jet while his original plane gets blown out of the sky. How's that for resourceful?

Insane mid-air kill jet stunt

Here's another highlight from Russkhof, also involving some jet-swapping action. You see, people, these are the kinds of high-level maneuvers you should be striving to execute in-game! Russkhof is flying around when he spots an enemy helicopter assaulting his team mates. Rather than just try to shoot it down with his guns or a rocket like a normal person, he ejects at top speed so that he's catapulted forward. As he floats above the chopper, he fires off an RPG and blows the thing to kingdom come. Not content with that sick move, he also manages to get back into his jet in mid-air and flies it away like a complete badass.

Troll stunt

Here's another one involving Russkhof and NoRRy RaMpaGe trolling some players, albeit while pulling off some pretty impressive stunts. There's just something so beautiful about this much skill and orchestration being used for "t3h lulz." You see NoRRy expertly flying his jet into the cables of a tower and then ejecting so that he can land on top of said tower to place C4. Russkhof, on the opposite team, is sitting there chilling, waiting to bait one of his teammates. NoRRy runs back on the cable to jump into his jet, flies away, ejects, blows up the C4 and kills a dude, and then hops back into his jet. It's all so beautiful, but used just to troll a dude. There's something poetic about that.


This is one of the best stunts we've seen in a long time and features some pretty awesome coordination between teammates and a bit of imagination. Player ponylionHD uses a tank to take out a jet. No biggie, right? Wrong. He has a teammate place C4 below the tank and blows it at just the right time so that the explosion pops his tank up into the air, just as the jet is flying by, giving him the best height and angle to destroy it with the tank's turret. It is a thing of beauty.


In this ridiculous video, we're treated to some more jet action, courtesy of F4ithHD. While we've seen players jump out of their jets and get back in after getting a kill, we've never seen someone ride their jets like a surfboard. That's exactly what F4ithHD does as he jumps out of his jet, lands on it, gets a lock on an enemy and fires off a shot before jumping back into the vehicle's cockpit. This move is so pro that it makes us feel bad about our noobish skills.

Crazy dirt bike stunt

This is the same concept as the C4 and the tank, only it's even cooler because it's using as a dirtbike that gets launched even further. It's awesome that TheMasterRPG-7 simply points to his target, much like Babe Ruth, and his teammate send him flying into the distance. In midair, he lines up an RPG and blows up a jet that's unlucky enough to fly into it. Now that's a home run.