The Truth About The World's Biggest Quran

The word of Allah in the form of the Quran has served as a source of inspiration for billions of people from scholars and historians to devoted adherents of the Islamic faith, from artists to linguists, scientists to explorers, and many more. There's no denying the power of this holy book which remains the most popular book of all time (via Metro News).

Since the time of revelation when words were scribed upon hearts and parchment papers, people the world over have approached the Quran with a sense of reverence and awe. One oft-overlooked aspect of Quran preservation is artistry. It is with great care that many artisans painstakingly illustrate the Quran's iconic calligraphy text letter for letter and syllable for syllable.

According to The New York Times, a 2016 exhibition entitled "The Art of the Qur'an: Treasures From the Museum of Turkish and Islamic Arts" captivated United States museum-goers with its vivid display of masterfully crafted Qurans ranging from pocket-sized to carpet-sized and just about every size in between. At the time of that exhibition, the 4.9 by 6.6-foot book (pictured), stored in Russia's Kul Sharif mosque, was believed to be the largest copy of the Quran in the world. However, according to Arab News, an even larger version was created.

Pakistani artist Shahid Rassam and the world's largest copy of the Quran

Renowned sculptor and calligraphy enthusiast, Shahid Rassam, has made it his mission to push the envelope further by creating an even larger copy of the holy book than the one on display in Russia, Arab News reports. Hailing from the Karachi, Pakistan, this award-winning artist draws inspiration from Urdu poets, and Arabic authors, not to mention the many countries he's visited throughout his lifetime, many of which have displayed his art in international exhibitions, but his highest inspiration is derived directly from the Quran's sacred text (via Shahid Rassam).

Shahid Rassam is the Principal of Arts Council Central Institute of Arts and Craft located in Pakistan, but his dream is to become the crafter of the world's largest Quran. His copy will be an awe-inspiring 8.5 by 6.5-foot piece of art displaying the iconic Arabic verses that millions of Muslims have memorized around the world.

Spectators should expect sprawling, gold-plated text

Various artists from all over the world have offered their take on the Quranic text as a labor of love, a testament of faith, and an investment in blessings to be transferred from this life to the next. Syrian refugee artist Reyad al-Radi (pictured) is one such artist, whose stunning craftsmanship shines through in this massive wooden copy of the Islamic holy book (via AP Archive).

However, Shahid Rassam's version of the holy text might be the exhibit to behold. Rassam's vision features sprawling calligraphic letters cast in clay, crafted in aluminum, and plated in gold. When describing his aspiration for the final result, the artist told Arab News, "I created my own design with acrylic colors ... And the technique is also very important. I used Italian glazing technique to develop the design." With bated breath, Muslims, historians, and art lovers alike await the completion of this prestigious project.