The Queen's Platinum Jubilee Cost Taxpayers A Staggering Sum

As of February 6, 2022, Queen Elizabeth II has reigned for 70 years on the throne of the United Kingdom (via The Royal Household). That makes her the longest-reigning British monarch ever, and also earned her the honor of having a Platinum Jubilee celebrated this year. A jubilee is a celebration to mark the anniversary of a monarch's ascension to power, with the other jubilees being a Silver Jubilee, celebrated at 25 years; a Ruby Jubilee, at 40 years; a Golden Jubilee, at 50 years; a Diamond Jubilee, at 60 years; and a Sapphire Jubilee, at 65 years (via Royal Collection Trust). A jubilee celebrated at 75 years on the throne would also be called a Diamond Jubilee, according to Metro

To celebrate Queen Elizabeth's Platinum Jubilee, a whole host of events were planned in the United Kingdom, many of which took place in early June, and many of which cost taxpayers a pretty penny. But, just how expensive was the Platinum Jubilee?

How the United Kingdom celebrated the Platinum Jubilee

For the first Platinum Jubilee ever celebrated in the United Kingdom, planners didn't hesitate to go all-out in setting up events. For one, U.K. residents were granted an extended holiday when they were given a four-day weekend, starting on June 2nd, according to The Royal Household. Festivities kicked off with a birthday parade for the Queen, with soldiers marching around the Buckingham Palace area.

Other celebrations included a service at St. Paul's Cathedral in London (via CBS News) as well as a concert featuring stars like Queen, Ed Sheeran, and Diana Ross (via Express). Members of the royal family also came in to celebrate with the Queen, such as the youngest generation of royals including Prince George, Princess Charlotte, and Prince Louis, who were photographed during various festivities watching from palace windows (via the Mirror).

But, the celebrations weren't just for the rich and famous either. Average citizens had an opportunity to engage in the festivities as well, with picnics and parties on June 5th, the last day of the celebrations (via CBS News).

What did the Platinum Jubilee cost?

The celebrations might have been fun, but that doesn't mean they were cheap. Though there was some speculation online as to the true costs, government documents have put the budget at £28 million, or over $35 million, according to Fortune. However, that number isn't necessarily pulled from taxes alone: certain events hosted over the weekend were powered by fundraising or through the lottery. At the same time, there may be other expenses associated with the jubilee which are not included in the stated budget, such as higher policing costs during the celebratory weekend (via The Week). Overall, these complicating factors mean it's unclear exactly how much taxpayer money was spent on the Jubilee.

It's worth noting that the lack of productivity over the four-day weekend also imposed a sort of "cost" on the country, according to EuroNews. While not an expense in the traditional sense, the granting of a four-day weekend left businesses with fewer workers and work being done, resulting in a loss of productivity that could cost as much as a billion pounds, according to some estimates.