Most Recklessly Awesome Gas-Guzzlers That Ever Hit The Road

Remember when cars were just awesome? Nowadays, most conversations about automobiles are filled with debates of getting the most miles per gallon, hybrid technology, and how well your phone syncs up to its radio. Admitting a preference for anything loud and fast with a poor MPG rating oftentimes earns a disapproving glare. There was a time when you could want a car just because it was badass, despite being totally impractical. Here are a few wicked cars that give the finger towards those worrying about MPG efficiency, safe emissions, or Bluetooth compatibility.

Aston Martin DB9

The Aston Martin DB9 looks so classy and sophisticated that you'd be ashamed to approach it in jeans, but get in, put your foot down, and listen to that debonaire V12 purr transform into the throaty roar of a thousand Ozzy Osbournes. Going 13 miles per gallon when it comes to city millage, this British beast is definitely thirsty. If you can afford to buy one, you can afford to fill the tank. Best of all, if you're lucky enough to own the DB9, you can act like James Bond.

Bugatti Veyron

The Bugatti Veyron is the fastest production car in the world, clocking in at a staggering 267.7mph. It achieves this ludicrous speed by bolting together two V8 engines, four turbochargers, and eleven radiators to generate an incredible 1,006bhp. If you want to enjoy all those horses, you better pony up the cash, because the Veyron gets just 10 miles per gallon. On top of that, if you recklessly burn up those tires, a new set will cost you $25,000—plus a $70,000 fitting fee.

Chevrolet Kodiak

Like the Kodiak bear, the Chevrolet Kodiak is big and scary. Running an 8.1L V8 since 2002, this jack of all trades vehicle has been used for every kind of hard work, from hauling trash to hauling kids and everything in between. It didn't get popular until a pickup version of the Kodiak was released and featured in the Transformers films as the vehicular form of Ironhide. In 2009, "Cadillac One" entered service as the new presidential limousine, but it's only a Cadillac on the surface. Underneath its paint and armored body work lies the four-wheel drive chassis and powertrain of the Chevy Kodiak. You can say there's more than meets the eye when it comes to this presidential ride.


Don't get the Humvee confused with its flash in the pan, all surface, and no substance brother, the Hummer. While the Hummer is just a shiny and obese SUV, the Humvee is a hard as nails, musclebound miracle of an off-road vehicle. Built for the U.S. Army, and seeing service in every U.S. conflict since Panama in 1989, this icon of 20th century vehicular warfare is still the standard against which all others are compared. Despite being a military vehicle, some Humvees were sold into civilian hands, most notably Arnold Schwarzenegger's. Getting just eight miles per gallon on the highway and four in the city, you only own a non-military Humvee for bragging rights and badassery.

Ferrari 330 P4

Only three Ferrari 330 P4s were made in 1967 and that's a shame, because this car is stunning. Built to compete in endurance races, it won the 1000km Monza race in 1967, as well as second place in the Daytona 24 Hours race. The 330 P4 is a handbuilt work of art that embodies all the romance of racing. There is no place for MPG or safety discussions in the presence of this Ferrari wonder, just shut up and feast your eyes.

Shelby AC Cobra

Following in the footsteps of the WWII P-51 Mustang, the Shelby AC Cobra was another highly successful Anglo-American hybrid. By taking the beautiful chassis and bodywork built by AC Cars in England and installing a Ford V8 engine and transmission underneath, Carroll Shelby created an icon. Several versions were produced and made some racing successes, but there's more to the AC Cobra. In 1964, the AC Cars racing team took a Shelby AC Cobra for a test drive on England's M1 motorway—they reached 186mph. This inspired the British Government to implement a 70mph speed limit on the formerly unlimited motorways.

Chaparral 2J

The Chaparral 2J was a short-lived, experimental racing car built in 1970. It raced in only one season before it was outlawed for being too awesome. The 2J was the latest in a long line of vehicles to be built by Chaparal Cars, but was the first to incorporate "active ground effect" technology. It was, in effect, a reverse hovercraft—using vertical fans powered by a snowmobile engine to continue pulling the car to the ground. This enabled the 2J to generate downforce at all speeds and achieve greater traction while turning corners. Despite its radical design, it suffered from reliability issues that prevented it from dominating other racing seasons. Under pressure from other car manufacturers, the Sports Car Club of America banned active ground effect technology from professional racing. The 2J also had an unfortunate habit of sucking up stones from the race track and firing them backwards at high speeds—a reckless talent worthy of a Bond car.

Plymouth Road Runner Superbird

The 1970 Plymouth Road Runner Superbird is the road-going version of a NASCAR-level race car. It was produced in just enough numbers to count as stock. Unfortunately, its unique styling and massive rear wing put most people off from buying the Road Runner, as it languished in sales lots. Capable of reaching 60mph in 5.5 seconds, this car was definitely no slouch. Remarkably, that speed was reached without any influence of its spoiler and aerodynamic design, which only started to enhance the Road Runner's performance at high speeds. Try racing the Road Runner, and you'd end up looking like Wile E. Coyote.

Thrust SSC

While not exactly a road car (it probably drove on a road at some point), the Thrust SSC is a remarkable beast to end things with. The Thrust SSC is the British-built holder of the world land speed record: reaching 763mph in 1997, and breaking the sound barrier in the process. Driven by Royal Air Force Wing Commander Andy Green, this insane rocket car streaked across the Black Rock Desert, propelled by two Rolls-Royce Spey Turbofans which together generated the equivalent of over 110,000bhp. At full thrust, those awesome engines drank 4.8 gallons of fuel a second, the equivalent of 0.04 miles per gallon, making the Thrust SSC the most gas-guzzling, not to mention most recklessly awesome, car on this list.